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Back america. We have a really fantastic writer and investigator. Julie kelley senior contributor american greatness. Julie how are you. i'm great mark. how are you. I'm great you know when people do little hit jobs. They don't understand. I hit back twice as hard. We have this guy phil. Bump national correspondent washington compost. You spend a lot of time. Interviewing individuals in the jail from january sixth interviewing there lawyers going through the charging documents to the year knowledge. Has this columnist for the washington post. Fill bump ever been to the jail. No in fact. I doubt that he knows that. The deplorable jail even exist There's no indication his column that he realizes that torri dozen january six capital. Protesters are sitting in that jail. Have been in that jail since february and that there are dozens or at other jails across. The country being denied bail simply because of their involvement on january. Six doesn't mention that in his article. Why do you think that is because he's a fraud. That's right that let's go on says here. Host mark levin is focused on the issue repeatedly and he told his audience that we're hearing that they're in some of the worst gaols summer being put in solitary confinement where they only have an hour where they can go outside of that that they're being fed poor food. They're being treated like terrorists at guantanamo bay where they be treated actually better. Is there something. i said. That's inaccurate now and It's too bad that the bump didn't listen to the oath keepers status. Hearing that i did today where there are three. Oh steeper non-charged charged with violent crime. No weapons charge. No assaulting police officers no direct vandalism. Nothing ken harrelson was arrested in february. He's been in the dc jail since last spring and his lawyer today told judge maeda the alarming physical and medical condition. That mr harrelson is in that. He's not headed shave or a haircut that he is a medical condition. He cannot get treatment.

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