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Over to Morgan number two who runs all of our digitals, and you know, what she loves food food. It's time for food world with Morgan number two. So there's two new mayo mixes dropping from Heinz one is a mayo must in one is a mayo Q is mayo must manage the mustard. Yes. Okay. And then mayo Q barbecues us. Oh, oh. I don't like mayonnaise for any reason whatsoever. I love it. I love it. I don't I there's this vegan manny's like vegan as an addicted to it. I don't do that. I don't do. Peanut butter. So good. Favorite condiment, period? Amy. I'm gonna go hard. Mustard mustard much barbecue sauce. Morgan. Peanut butter. Okay. Honey mustard. That's good. Yeah. Well, we're all different ranch. Range the salad dressing to me. True. But I. We all have peanut butter could be a condom. And if you want it to be something that is a side that you dip, your stuff Chick-fil-A said, okay. Morgan number two. When do these come out so Hines has it confirmed their new condiments, but they've been spotted at HEB and Amazon. So they're out right now. How can they not confirm them with already selling them? So weird we cannot confirm nor deny but there. Thank you very much. Was food world with Morgan number two. Box.

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