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Testing and the environment and you can order kits from them and do both the DNA part of it as well as the Mike. Oh Park toxin part of it. So yeah if you're buying a home or even potentially leasing something for period of time. I really really recommend testing before. Are you move all your belongings in there and potentially contaminate yourself and your belongings if you're in some of these areas like urine Florida Ray. I am yeah so definitely like mall central every are yes so some of these places that have had all these hurricanes. It really is difficult to find the safe place to live like a so. Many of my patients have come from Houston and they thought that they had you know that their home was okay because they didn't have obvious water. Damage meant but because of the blowing driving winds if there's any issue with the building envelope not being sealed for almost perfectly. Ah that the the backside of the drywall ended up with big fake problems and and even the air conditioning systems can be so compromised with those those high winds and driving rains. Yeah absolutely I think. There's also some misconceptions when it comes to mold of like you know if there's mold the house it should smell must eerie. You can kind of tell smelling it is that can you talk about mold. Person musty smell. Do they go together. Or is that misconception. Oh that's perfect question question because I had so many people that say oh I can't smell it so it must not be there. That's the end. EOC's that some molds make at so that's a little different the type of chemical than the micro-toxins that are also produced and both can be dangerous. But definitely if you smell Miss Eunice. You know it's something needs to be done or avoid it but a lot of the micro-toxins you can't smell so you don't even know it's there so so you just the only way to know for sure is to either test you or test the environment. Okay so mold doesn't always necessarily go along with a musty smell. What about mildew because I feel like those words get used interchangeably as do the same thing as old or different and if it's different is it dangerous? It's like Malta's than overall Oh category of organisms and then mildew is kind of a slang term but a lot of times the things that we thinker the harmless mildew kind of thing really aren't and if somebody says to you. Oh that's not a problem. It just looks like mildew run because you can't can't.

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