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Where's the utility here. And at some point if this is going to be a token or a a railway for commerce which is what. We're arguing for here by saying that people are going to perform new services on top of this new chain. If that's the case there should be simple. Algebra shows that the value is a is equal to the amount of transactions being done by people performing commerce buying and selling products. And right now that is not represented by the amount of transaction utility transactions being done in the space so when i look at the price to me a lot of this is because of speculation. There isn't a ton of value being created. I mean there is value being created. Don't get me wrong. However it just isn't represented by thirty three hundred dollars price. It doesn't make a lot of sense to me at the moment. But i mean this could go on forever right. I mean well. I shouldn't say forever but it can go on for way longer than i'm willing to to stick around for likely so yeah i did notice. Some tech. Investors actually saying that they were taking some profits at the hype cycle. But i'm curious that are abroad. I don't have enough information at. the outset. Thinks that there is a lot of value being established actually a lot of transactions being performed on the platform. But don't have enough concrete numbers to really backup that argument. I'm curious to get your take on more of a general approach to timing like when you see your traditional hype cycle. What are you thinking like once once you see the pumps in the twitter warriors at work spreading their gossip that to later. Oh it's your take on it super hard because i. I should preface in saying that i sold. I sold some bitcoin in two thousand eighteen at ten thousand and watch to go to eighteen of sold bitcoin. At thirty four thousand. I sold it at forty five thousand and it's gone to sixty five so like my timing is imperfect and god knows that this is impossible to predict. However you're never gonna be mad selling after being up fifteen hundred percent on a stupid coin so from a timing point of view. I've always been somebody who sells into anything being promoted by pomp. So i mean if ilan must mentioned doj coin on snl might be a good time to take some profits. If you'll see a theory that runs up three hundred percent in a very short period of time. I mean who knows it could go up another hundred. However it's likely it needs to digest and even.

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