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I. Emily. Yes, the crystal the feather in the bone side from being rate name of a fantasy novel an album that has yet to be written or an album that has yet to be recorded my apartment or your apartment, that's going to be the name of your apartment. Welcome to the crystal feather in the bone apartment that you're renting behind my back. Or is this Where where we we live. live? Armie podcast, very awkward. We at least finish out the season. Do you have any insight into the crystal feather and the bone? I know that you've been trying to read it. You've been reading up on it. Nobody's an answer. There's not a lot of clarity on it. Especially in the context of this show. Yeah. I do know that a lot of people use crystals as a cleansing power. I don't know if there's any scientific proof behind it, but they certainly look really cool. I have a couple on our coffee table that I just like to use this paperweights. Yes. The bone. I don't really know looks like a chicken bone chicken, and feather looks great. The. Once somebody really likes birds. So what was that? What was so special about the feather, I don't know. It might just be like a cleansing thing that she's putting all these things together. And hopefully it brings good energy into her. Daughter's home, these things that Bonnie has ascertained over the course of her life, like earlier in her life, when things are either, like a little more peaceful with her mother, or man, qualities also, I mean, men talismen. Nathan should join talismans group, Bonnie and her mom do have that conversation when they're sitting at the stairs in her mom's, like I've been having dreams reams having visions. And she goes, I know you do too, and the water rationing. And so is this is the crystallised feathers the bone or these things from Bonnie's childhood, when she was a little more open to that, or at least a little more open to discussing those kinds of things with her mom? I don't know. I mean, I'm, I'm certain that this is sort of something she was raised on. But obviously, she's like I don't want that here. I don't want to have that conversation again, like cut it out, and her mom's like, okay, I'm just telling you having these visions. I know you are tail. Yeah. Which I love. Yeah. Why do you love it so much? Because the vision thing is like so me you have dreams. Yeah. I do. Yeah. I've predicted so many babies births funny, there's, there's a lot of strange occurrences, that have happened with them with myself, not much of a believer, but it is hard to deny the predictive powers of I I have have. not have drowning usually childbirth. I don't know why we'll do a vision cast at some point in the in the future. Yeah. I'm predicting the future your bone. I'm predicting the future in that's going to happen. That's something just gonna put that in the counter vision. Okay. And we has predictions cast, all right? Let's talk about other people, I mean Celeste has, has a lot going on in this episode. Speaking of dreams, she's like sleep, you know, her sleepwalking, and sleep talking has escalated to sleep driving. Yeah. Shakes ambient at two in the morning, and she then like wakes up crashing her car, she's very lucky that she is pretty okay? And it's really just the car that got smashed up. Yeah. And she was in a sort of a dream sequence of Perry when it happened, too. So she just sort of blacked out. I was frightening. Yeah. That was scary. Yeah. Very scary. She's clearly still having feelings for Perry. Even though he's gone, she's meeting with therapist in this episode, and she's talking about how she's she doesn't she's ever going to be able to get over it. She's pretty honest about when you suggested that I get back into dating pool I was fended by that, right? It's, it's so tough that, you know, she she has such complicated feelings still about this, man who so clearly violated every single sacred thing that you're supposed to uphold as a human being, as, as a partner, but she, she can't, like kind of, like untethered herself from, from the abuse from the happy memories that she does still have, and I love the therapist being, like okay. Think about like this one particular incident that happened envisioned Madeline. Yeah, in it instead of yourself. What would you do? How would you react because I think she's trying to get Celeste to realize, okay, all of this stuff that you normalized for. So long was not normal and you can say it wasn't normal over and over again. Try putting anybody else in your place? Right. How upsetting that? Yeah. And it was it was upsetting to, to see that to see Reese Witherspoon on the receiving end of the Alexander Skarsgard beatdown was very jarring. And I can I can only imagine what was like the film like new. Imagine him coming in for all these little snippets and vignettes and being like, okay. So you're pretty much like choke out, three different women today. Right. Say three different creepy thing. And that's episode two it was upsetting very terrible led to Celeste screaming primarily. Yeah. But she does later too. Yeah. Let's talk about her with Mary Louise. Yes. What I it seems like things between Celeste and Mary Louise are trending upward, right? Where where she comes home Celestin and Mary Louise had already interacted earlier in the day. So let's didn't or Mary Louise rather in Madeleine had already interacted earlier in the day. We'll talk about that more. A little bit in a little bit. We talked about that right now. They had word. I mean battling like saying, like, yes, let's had to help me with things like, oh, what kind of things like, oh, a short person then and Mary Lou and, you know, 'cause madeleine's not the type of person who's gonna let something live, but neither is mary-louise. So it makes sense to me that their animosity is escalating the point where it's just like open hostilities, where Mary Louise goes, you don't like me, very much, do you and they get into the conversation. Mary Louise talks about, like standing up to the bully. I was always being friends with being friends with the bully and just like am I the bully. In this situation, also does something, very strange with the necklace with her with her cross. She, like she puts it on her chin. Yeah. No. She just says it as like a little tick, she's like, well, I'm sure when you're being very like appropriate and behaving in a crate front to have. And then she puts the necklace up on her chin. Yeah, it's like I'm afraid of like you're going to break it off by accident. She probably will later. So that's a Chekhov's broken chain. I'm waiting for her to really let loose. I'm waiting for her not a moment. Well, she had a lot of terrible moments in this episode terrified. But she Celeste, imagine her being your mother-in-law terrified that'd be horrible. It'd be very, very, very, very, very, very frightening to, to have a woman like Mary Louise, in that my in my close family, I would be terrified, but she says to Celeste, she's like, I'm looking for department in the area, I wanna be here to help you, but I don't want to always have to be here here, and I loved Celeste reaction may lose. You've been so helpful, but I do think a little space would be great, and like that sticks. Mary Louise craw, she set the trap, and then she's not happy. She caught something out of them. Yeah. Yeah. I think that she didn't love Celeste answer. I think like Celeste dancer was like a reasonable thing to say if you're speaking to a reasonable person, and I think that we are really getting the sense that Mary Louise, not exactly reasonable person know somebody who's been through a lot of pain. Right. You know, like we didn't know that there was another death in the family when she was sort of younger with Perry. So my assumption is that Raymond who she brings up is Perry's brother who died brings up later in the flash. Yes. That's my as well. Okay. Yeah. He died. When Perry was like, what did he say? Five said young Perry killed him. Oh, wow. This could be one of those Eureka moments where in a couple of episodes. We look back, Mike. Mary Louise has like her Eureka moment. Watch little boys fighting each other. Yeah. Where she's like I believe you in terms of why she'd been rejecting it for so long that Perry was a monster. And it turned out that Perry had been somehow response. For the death of her own other son, something like that could occur. Yeah. And you don't even know where Perry's father is either very dramatic for that to happen. I don't think I don't think would be out of line at all. It's not necessarily necessary to still kind of get some of the important results that we're getting from Mary Louise, where like you could understand why Mary Louise is, as intense as she is totally because she has lost another child that she has lost two sons now in, like it doesn't have to be like, Perry killed the brother in order for, like there to be like this big revealed down the line of why Mary Louise is rejecting the idea that Perry could be abusive. It could just be as she's already traumatized from having lost a son. And now history has repeated itself. She's like, just like w traumatized and doubly wounded either way. When when Mary Louise, is having the conversation with Celeste after it comes out that Perry ziggys father, the game of telephone that occurs that she finds out from Josh and max that ziggys father's Yary. That was a moment. Also dropping, where you're like. Who was the first big draw? Upset with Celeste for not using a cutting board when she was lacing the sandwiches for the boys lunch on the counter directly counter. That was a stain the counter. No, but it might have left a Mark it depends on what it's made from. But if it's quartz watch out if it's courts, watch out, good words, good, life advice here for the resin to watch over the resin on the courts. But Mary, Mary, Louise, and Celeste are having it out and they're talking about what the history of violence is with Perry. This is like this felt to me like this was going to be something that was like later game season two material of Celeste, like owning up to, to Mary, the week. Whoa. We're going there this episode. Wow. She was like your son was violent, but she's still she can't shake and very, understandable, very, relatable, very, tragic very upsetting that, like Celeste can't, like kind of like several herself from the history of violence, like she feels the need to have to explain like I was as well, like she, she doesn't want to like see herself as the sole victim in this situation. She still wants to sign like some victimhood to Parry. It's very, very sad. And the way that she's articulating the information to Mary Louise, Mary Louise, just isn't buying it. Mary Louise, is being really, really terrible in that conversation about how, like wouldn't you have reported it line. Why did you go to the fleece? Couldn't Jane be somebody who was really promiscuous and slept with a whole bunch of people, and all of this stuff. But then she goes, you know what all go to the police. Right. So she's planning on going to the con-. She's like, really interesting that you found out that he had fathered another child with this woman the night of the gala. Yeah, you left that out. Yes, she's a series of you left, that outs were terrified. I mean, kind of like at the rate that we're going and the rate that we're eating up story right now it wouldn't shock me if the lie comes completely undone like mid season. Yeah. You know it's, it's not like the you know. It's not like the most airtight lie history of lies to called the Monterey fide. There's a lot of breads that could be that could be pulled on here that, that you could imagine unraveling, the whole thing in short order and mary-louise has basically like cracked the code at this point, except for like the Bonnie piece. Right. So you do in Bonnie herself seems like she's pretty ready to kind of confess because she's got so much so much so much inner turmoil about the whole thing. So wouldn't completely surprise me. If we go, there may be so upset to see the way that Mary Louise was reacting to Celeste, adding, we also want to touch upon really quickly Celeste, and Mary Louise witnessing the boys fighting, yes. And one of them just going nuclear on Celeste when she tries to hold them back. Right. Right. And then she pushes Seles does. Yeah. Because no, I don't want you to be like him. Yeah. Which is terrifying. Merrill, Louise sees this entire thing happened. And then the other part that Celeste. Witnesses. It's a discussion that they're having in the car after the boys sort of talk about in their class that they're really sad. Their dad's dead. And she's like listen. We're a family, you know, like we talk about these things, we should be able to like, you know, express that we're sad. You know, Intel each other things, and one of the boys goes will. I don't think we're that kind of family. Right. So that's.

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