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In my time sloppy. Justice. I might even know. I just I hope it sounds. What's really, what's really amazing? There are two kinds of people that use those kinds of words, they're the people who use them because they want to sound smart. And they're, you know, they're just positioning themselves. And then there are people who just assume that everyone is as well read as they are and those people piss me off because they're real, and they're really smart, and that happens to be you Steve days joining us from crtv. He is still going to be doing his crtv thing. But he is going to be live on the blaze radio network and television network think as well eastern eat new to eastern time. So immediately following this program important question for Pat here, the move to mornings does more on trivia continue. It does. Oh, yes. Second hour on Friday. All right. I think we need a I think we need the. The short version of that every week for this program. I think yeah, I think we need to take the highlights and put them on this program to great. So we can we can follow more on trivia. So we'll we'll do that. Anybody going to see the moonshot movie this weekend? Oh, that's right starts. I man. Yeah. I'm going to see it. I think this weekend. It's PG taking really good. Yeah. I'm taking my kids to it this weekend. And I will bet you that it is not the offensive anti-american movie. Well, they said the flag is planted. They just don't make a big deal out of that scene. Right. Isn't that is no I was all in on this movie. I don't need a movie to affirm my values, but it can't agitprop them at the same time. Right. I mean, this wasn't a global of that. This was something that came together to accomplish. And so when they tried to downplay I'm already like, you know, what man I'm not giving you my money, but hang on just a second. It's raining. It is a global event, but it is also an American achieve. That's okay, I'm fine with that distinction. Taking off the flag off the side of the uniform. And I probably should have said glow. It wasn't a global achievement. But in American one, and it was a human achievement. But it took the Americans to say, let's do it. Let's do it in a decade. Yeah. Let's do it in a decade. All right. That can just minute with more of the program. I let me tell you about mercury real estate. You want your holds.

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