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That they do and I don't put a ton of stock and that type of stuff because you have tape, right? So you don't necessarily need to watch guys against air. But if you watch sky more run those routes that they did last night on the field, I thought he was the smoothest route runner out of the group and just somebody that was really effortlessly getting in and out of his cuts. He looks like a fantastic fit for the Patriots and that Julian Edelman type mold. Yeah, he also had the biggest hands of any receiver ten a quarter, ten and a half, something like that. You see it. There's a picture online of him catching the ball and you can't even really see the ball behind his hands. I have it on my combine recap on 95 the sports of dot com. Yeah, really strong night for him. I don't know that any one player did more for his stock pound for pound. I'd say it's probably either sky more or it's Calvin Austin, right? Yes. I mean, if I had to pick the biggest winner among the wide receivers last night, I would have to, I'd probably go more. It'd be one of those two, but I'd probably go more. Yeah, I think with sky Moore, a lot of people, Daniel Jeremiah said it on the broadcast. Now he's not getting out of the second round. A chance of drafting sky more, they're going to have to take them with their second round pick. The one thing that I really liked about more when you watch him is that he gets open early in the route, right? He gets such early separation where there's release package and with his stem work that quarterbacks are going to love throwing to him because you just know that he's open quickly or you can progress past him quickly if he's not getting open, but just somebody that can be a security blanket that can move the chains that can get up the field a little bit now that we know that he runs that four four one and can create with the football in his hands. Like I said multiple times now Julian Edelman, I think is actually a legitimate comp for this guy. I think he runs faster though and then Julian Edelman, Edelman was like a low four 5s guy when he worked out of the combine. So a faster potentially in a straight line, Julian Edelman is I think what we're looking at here was sky more love that Calvin Austin you mentioned him from Memphis really, really good workout. Basically the best athlete there besides Christian Watson. 5, 8, a 170 pounds soaking wet. That's the issue with him. Talk about Juan del having a smaller frame. This guy's a tight, this guy's tiny, right?.

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