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A ten candidates stood on stage trying to stand out in the first democratic the presidential debate taking place in miami among the hot topics the current crisis at the southern border raking it should also picked us all off for all the american citizens out there who feel you're falling behind field american dreams not working for you the immigrants didn't do that to you perations candidates were asked about the state of the economy who is connie really working for stone great for thinner in center slice at the top i live in a low income black and brown community i see every single day that this konami is not working for average americans nicole killian c._b._s. news miami called for the immediate impeachment of president trump who on castro says the country should pass the equal rights amendment tonight several the top polling candidates will battle each other including joe biden bernie sanders connell harris and peed buddha judge make sure to tune in tonight for deep analysis of the miami democratic debates hosted by ryan gorman starting at six p._m. here on newsradio w._f. l._a. the leader of the campaign to bring baseball montreal welcomes raise owner stuart sternberg move to look at taking forty home games a year away from tampa bay and sending them to montreal stephen bronfman describes conversations with sternberg before last week's ounce -ment from major league baseball we didn't really have a deep conversation of vying his team but i did ask him if he was interested in relocating the team we didn't really get into specifics of i will buy it from you stewart always mentioned that he will be remaining in baseball bra call sternberg stand up guy says the bay area is hard pressed to support the team ravin says there are a lot of hurdles to clear including what to call the team and whether canadian taxpayers would kick in the cost of new ballpark in montreal which lost the expos in two thousand four a teenager is under the under arrest for the shooting of another teen in hillsborough county the sheriff's office says sixteen year old derek rivera is facing charges in connection to the shooting death of fourteen year old the norm rodriguez and brandon last week police say she was in a car that had just left a house party in val rico in a suspect opened fire hitting her in the head thorny say rodriguez was not the intended target and that the shooting stemmed from gang dispute governor disentis signs of bill the make more state resources available to veterans the bill would provide alternative treatments for p._t._s._d. or traumatic brain injuries governor satis as the forward march initiative will also offer legal help for veteran these guys.

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