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Appear paris we we have no scale knows scale yeah we don't have a scale but in reality be really scared smallpox is awful it's really terrifying but wait we've been using the wrong verb tents smallpox was awful it was thank goodness thank goodness thank you world health organization that's actually amazing what they accomplished it really is uh we should let people know if they like to read more because some of these books are really amazing you gotta lists i've got a list hit me with them if you wanna know more about an occupation and the development of innoculation as a practice in england in the us you should read the speckled monster by jennifer lea carol if you're interested in the nittygritty of the epidemic that happened in north america from 1777 to seventeen eight five you should check out pox americana by elizabeth fan smallpox the death of a disease by d a henderson is a book penned by the leader of the eradication effort himself and it is an is amazing book is really great also don't you have a m signed copy and value i know i guarded on collection garnida like abe books are amber amazon in its same both thrilled by literally the person who was the reason that we were able to eradicate this disease d a henderson day props the other book uh that i think you should read is called the demon the freezer in its by richard preston it reads like a movie script it is yeah really exciting it's more about the ratification effort of smallpox and then anthrax in terms of bioterrorism it's it's a little data but it's really still really good the power of plagues by irwin sherman.

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