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There's people out there on the block that got mice and rats mice mice in rats in my me why don't want to say why do i wanted to say meese anyway somebody right not as mouse in their house in they're like mammal life is over got a mouse in my house i'm gonna tell you some servicing to make your life whole lot better a couple had to call the police because while they're watching tv a family of raccoons fell out of their roof fell out of the roof fell out of the roof there was a mom in four little cubby raccoons all know bay reckons call maybe they're called they're called i don't know every every you know what all of the things that i was thinking of to say the all sound like they don't sound like good right like every raccoon everything i was thinking of to say to make it look or did nothing for me didn't i don't know we'll calm little bandits it was a mom and four little bandits they fell from the roof they called the police the police came over with animal control animal control trump to grab the mom the mom bit animal control in in she ran off she scurried off and in four the immig they the four little bandits now here's the thing this isn't like a squirrel that got into a house this is four raccoons living in your home now now if you have a rat in your house maybe maybe things are really dirty like i get it 'cause rats if you ever in your house maybe things really dirty like rats eat anything but you still kinda nasty to have raccoons to have a rat in your house but you have a whole family raccoons in your house.

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