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All day. What the fuck? Nice teamwork, Jimmy. Okay. So I give her this hundred. Everyone. I'm Tom heck into one. This is not expecting unbelievable what they've done to me in this fucking screen. All right, now we're going over here to film. We're gonna have a perfectly clean stream for the rest of the day. Children are watching. I apologize to all the parents and all the children. Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there, by the way, realize that yesterday, but thanks to all the mothers. They'll come with a scared off a lot of people from poker. I highly doubt that. You had to realize that most people are never going to play poker with Wilhelm with or anybody like Wilhelm with. Nobody's thinking, I'm not going to play poker because Phil helmet exists. I can guarantee you there's way worse people that you can play against than Phil health. I can guarantee you, okay? Whenever I go to a tournament, I'm not thinking, oh no, I hope I don't run into Phil helmuth. I'm thinking I don't run into people who are like shady, I'm going to try to actively cheat and they're trying to scam me or try to murder me in the parking lot, you know? Like I'm not worried about playing it still humble to act like a baby at the table sometimes. So yeah, don't worry about that. Come on, everybody. It's filled the greatest tournament player ever. So somebody did some math a while back. I don't remember who it was, but they came up with the rough estimate that Phil humph had something like a 50% return on investment in World Series of poker tournaments. 5 zero, which is, you know, good, but probably not greatest of all time. Certainly, he's been around for a long time. He's been playing at a high level for a long time. And just doing that alone will give you good results. You probably no one or almost no one has played as many World Series of poker events as him. Just 'cause he had a head start over, people like Negroni, right? Who also plays a ton? I mean, I have always had nothing but nice to me, but bizarre eyes 50%. I'm sure there are people out there who have played a lot of games that have a higher than 50% ROI. If I got in the philharmonic treatment before, yeah, a few times. It's a lot of fun. It's like, I don't mind it, 'cause why would I care what someone says? You have to have relatively thick skin to play poker. In my opinion, that's the prerequisite to the job. And I don't think he knows what he's doing. I'm not so worried about somebody being unhappy when they lose. People are plenty of happily they lose. I've never worried that Phil helmet is going to assault me, right? I've had to deal with people who are perhaps going to assault me at the poker table or go to their car and come back with a weapon. You know, like I'm not worried about that at all with Philip. Phil how much can you talk to you at least on the table and then go out to dinner 5 minutes later and be perfectly fine, right? So you got to realize that if you think this is bad for the game, I mean, maybe it's like marginally bad. I don't think it's marginally bad. People like controversy. They like villains. I mean, I remember Negroni, talking about this a while back, like would you rather poker be like golf where nobody really gets to talk and they all have to dress up and play nice together or would you rather this be world wrestling where their villains and heroes and crazy stuff happens? And I think maybe the right answer is crazy stuff happens. That's not me and my persona at all. But you gotta ask what we're actually trying to do here. Right? Okay, let's take a look at this hand. If he doesn't know what he's doing, he beats you, does that mean he does not make me get mad? 'cause I could just hate. Once you understand people at playing like that then they're dead. Right, until then I'm like, I'll write off the bat. So in loose splashy games like this, you definitely do not want to raise offsuit hands at all from early position because you're going to get a lot of calls and you're going to be out of position with nothing or a top pair bad kicker a lot of the time, which is not where you want to be. Okay? Same thing with Alexandra calling. You don't want to call from early position, even with a connected hand because you are going to be very dominated by anybody yet to act and by the initial razor. And there's no guaranteeing get paid off if you do spike a straight or something. So you just want to fold these hands. Now ace Jack offsuit to hand that probably does want a three minute as Allen does. Now look, play some loose flashy and sane poker. I'm pretty sure I was really, really good at poker though. Maybe we have to delete that. He doesn't want that to get out. But this is a spot where I think. Three betting is pretty standard. You may even want to go a little bit bigger here like 6000. Not mentioning both as in the title of the stream as a blender. Look, I did not make the title of the stream, so I blame my editor. My editor also pulled up all these hands. I've not seen a single one of them. Okay? Is this like the survivor game that I played? Now, the survivor game that I played was way more cautious passive, et cetera. I get the vibe that a lot of these streamers are very, very, very wealthy, or somehow they come into this money, somehow, I don't know exactly what was happening in this game. I get to buy these people literally don't care about money. This is more like a it's more like a Los Angeles home game where it's a bunch of celebrities who have good paying gigs all the time. Which I have had the fortune to play in a few times or like San Francisco games where you have tech people who have infinite money. Winners of survivor while they're usually well off, they only have a $1 million. You can't play like this with a $1 million. All right, anyway, good for you man. I would have gone bigger though. Have you never played against someone who was tilted from the last hand? Okay, that's a logical measure. And I'm also mad at myself and not calling because it's also possibly you to see that with like some crazy. Notice here, MrBeast calls the ten four suited. If you know people are going to be calling raises with stuff like ten four suited, you want to make it bigger, right? Just because if they fold whatever and if they if they call, that's fine, too, right? You just get more money in the pot. I am that of the game. Here's the thing, what a good girl. I can't blame you. I really can't. Ninja has flopped the nuts, shows filled in checks. All right. Okay. All right, ninja, you don't want to show you the nuts to anyone. I'm going to go ahead and guarantee you this. You never want to show people at the table your hand to begin with. Even if they're not in the hand. But also, but also, you don't want to show people the nuts because then they're going to be like paying attention a little bit more, right? You also want to show people bluffs if you're going to run a bluff because they may be like, oh my God, oh my God, all right? So this is a spot where you don't want to show people anything. I mean, maybe just feel like it maybe you want to be friendly, whatever, but it's unnecessary. That kind of thing is very unnecessary. Because now, what if Phil does something funny? I mean, I don't think Phil's going to do anything, but he might, you never know, right? And you definitely don't want to show your hand to like a random person who's not a player with a really good poker face. Like imagine right now, he shows the nuts to Bill and Bill just goes like this. And just sits there. Or stops talking immediately and starts paying attention. You know what I mean? Like you don't really want that to happen. Okay, so fine, whatever he checks. So this is the spot where I've definitely bet with all of my premium hands that are likely to get out drawn. They're decently vulnerable, right? And so right here on king queen 9, it's decently likely that someone has some sort of a draw. Or two pair or something that will pay you off, right? So you just want to bet, you want to bet pretty big. Exploitatively. That might be a tell. I don't know. What are you thinking? No, I was just trying to figure out. Oh, I'm sorry. This went, that all that analysis all went out of the window. I forgot that Allen three bed. You all have me distracted with all the chat. My apologies. We definitely should have checked the track ten there. My apologies. Definitely check over to Allen, who's gonna bet this spot, a diesel to mount a fountain doesn't bet MrBeast will bet a lot too. So, okay, fine, fine, fine. My apologies. Bad analysis. You all got me confused. Okay. Check the Allen. I would just check this Alan shoes. It's so likely someone's gonna call you. I mean, I guess if you want to triple it off, you can. Alan's known to triple it off, everybody is pretty deep stacked. Imagine you met 15 here, get called pots goes to what, 65, 70 something like that, that turned for 50 jam river. Sure. I don't hate it. It's like an okay hand to do it with I suppose if you are going to have some bluffs, I guess you'd rather have a flush draw..

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