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The Federal Aviation Administration is looking into whether the area of the plane with the crack should be inspected more often than once every fifteen hundred flights and character fox news April showers coming earlier than expected fox meteorologist Adam Klotz thunderstorms sweeping across portions of the country very heavy rain kind of targeting Saint Louis and some of the surrounding areas of Missouri and southern Illinois all spots getting some of this very heavy rain snow fall for some of the upper Midwest that's not gonna measure into a whole lot of snow fall fifteen rounds and rounds of winter type weather that's moved across that region that is going to continue and that's where some of the colder air is here seen twenty nine degrees in Denver plenty of spots there hovering in the twenties to warm up a little bit this is box now here's your storm team ten forecast temperatures fall into the mid thirties tonight a cloudy sky first but clearing towards dawn then mostly sunny for the remainder of Sunday but temperatures in the upper forties cooler but seasonable for this point in March chillier Sunday night down into the mid twenties to begin your Monday lower forties below average for the high temperature is high pressure settles it I'm starting ten meteorologist at the McCarthy on newsradio nine twenty one oh four seven FM it's a late night trip down the path of the mysterious at I live close to coasts AM it would dramatically alter bridge radio nine twenty one oh four seven FM join the American lung association for their twelfth annual fight for air climb Providence Saturday April fourth at the omni Providence hotel the walk or run of twenty two floors help support those affected by lung disease register and get more info at fight for air climb dot org slash problem newsradio nine twenty and won all four seven FM the best Sean Hannity is on now the job generate enthusiasm when you're sixty he was in Congress for years years listener support thanks nobody wants to work with him you got nothing cannot get reelected we cannot win this reelection we can only relax Donald Trump only thirty eight days left until coast to coast from order to order to the our final news roundup and information overload our government really foreign.

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