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Just unfinished like I've always wanted about Robbie lawler's back to like the giant. It's a some sort of Asian calligraphy. It's unfinished it's just a trace outline. He never colored it in. I was always like you just got the trace like really gonna draw that. Yeah. But you know, hey, he marches to beat his own drum, by the way. I like how they wrote sequentially. You Luke have cooler tattoos, comma, then Greg hardy like he comes next or something fade ores never cried as can't reform nature. Your interview with them. Surprisingly, he he's very cultured in Russian literature actually asked him that exact question feature road. He said he had cried before say why I don't remember him saying why? But he said he I asked him that because I was like, do you ever cry? You know, and he's like, I cry. They these guys. Grad once. You have to really ask him weird question half. Because if you come down the middle with the common he just off ball. He just watches them. All go Pat business wing on any of them. You know, really get out there on them a little bit. I don't know if you guys heard about this a weed commercial during proposal would have tanked the stock market and brought forth. The did you guys hear about this on CBS CBS showing the understanding I did not why would you I'm teasing? So CBS airy with a thing CBS's airing this year's Super Bowl and a company a company known as acreage, which does in this particular case they were trying to get an ad put on television for medical marijuana. It's backed by former speaker of the house and a Republican John bainer and CBS balked at it and people like that was the wrong message. Remember, they're not talking about sort of commercial. We could just go buy rather medicinal, right, which sort of which by the way, such a Trojan horse nonsense portion of the argument, the argument is it's it's my. Body off like, that's that's the real argument. But okay, you got to convince the olds that there's a reason to do it. Anyway, people were surprised by this not me watch sixty minutes anytime recently like in the last five years as the ES show. How is it? I'm the only one that knows what's happening in the like any question. I can ask you guys other than is it raining outside. No one does coupling me with his answer. I have watched the okay, so shuttling forgiving to have you seen any movies? No. Have you read any books? No. I heard about it. Pro wrestling journalist hours per week. You have to do is like jokes to these uncultured goons. Have you not watched sixty minutes? Eddie time in the last five years. Of course. I have okay. Did you not notice how many a ads targeted to the elderly, but more importantly, how many forms suitable ads they took him? So just beat us all that stuff. So again CBS is drenched in money from pharmaceutical companies, but they're not they so they're scuttled the ad it just kind of hilarious that they're going to have, you know, beer commercials through the Oiseaux on this one. So just remember that your Super Bowl commercials are brought to you by the pharmaceutical industry and big alcohol who don't want you anywhere near medical marijuana. I've also that was kind of funny. And apparently, I'm the one who reads the news, I didn't realize this, and it doesn't have TV. He has the internet. That's true. Good enough. All right. It was more moved. If more. Is it morally justified the dinner white would have morally as the word hair would have rather TJ dillashaw go fully unconscious rather than being saved via early stoppage. The more aware I become a CD the harder becomes the support guys going out on their shield. Am I getting soft Brian Campbell? You have not been here to discuss the full depth of the main event from UFC Brooklyn. Did you like crazy for posting that funny conspiracy theory, but this kind of plays into that doesn't know it doesn't can you answer the question in a forthright way?.

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