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Nfl network reporter tom pella sarah was reporting that the packers deal with muhammad wilkerson the defensive lineman one year five million dollars base plus three million in incentives so this is a very friendly deal given the talent level of muhammad wilkerson if he produces at the level that i'm sure muhammad wilkerson feels he can the packers will have themselves a bargain player so eight million max for the packers or the base salary of five million on a one year deal for a one time dominant player in the nfl definitely the packers should be getting themselves a motivated player in muhammad wilkerson earlier tonight packers gm brian good echoes met with the media yes that is new i mean that that doesn't happen often for the packers gm but brian good codes met with the media at about seven o'clock tonight he did not get into the demaria's randall trade the signing of jimmy graham or the future signing of jimmy graham and certainly nothing to do with muhammad wilkerson not able to talk about that stuff just yet because of the way the league is constructed but he was able to talk about the release of jordy nelson here's packers gm brian good goes from earlier tonight tough days we have to make releases a players who have meant so much your relation to team jordy nelson is one of the packers of have played here and you were such an excellent player on the field excellent player in locker room and obviously in the community as well he's he's everything you want pro to be he'll be missed him and his wife i'm only really established roots in this community and i left a very solid impression so he'll be missed and we wish him well opportunity to take a pay cut before going to talk too much about that there are a lot of the discussions that went on but in fairness to him we'll get into those kind of discussions union yeah i don't think at this time you never say never i would like to keep that relationship is strong as possible but at the same time i wouldn't say this time when did you approach him all this all half hours we all knew it was a possibility.

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