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And what you love about this mec team early on in the year is two fold number one the bullpen has been far better than anyone could have imagined and even after that hiccup what was it monday night against the washington nationals friday night's game to me is the perfect example of why set the lugo and why robert gazelle man absolutely positively need to be in this met bullpen for the foreseeable future because the mets do not win this ballgame they don't win this ball game on friday night if gazelle minna lugo of starting because they came in for noah syndergaard lugo two shutout innings to win the job two shutout innings zalman having to hit any extra innings because you're running out of players gets it runs the bases scores on assessment a single and the bullpen is a major strength at the moment will that continue to be the case it remains to be seen but it's the mets weigh their options with matt harvey right now no this could zelmanov mugo gotta be there in the bullpen guys that mickey callaway can count on the guys that mickey callaway can trust you want both of them bridging the gap doing the job they've done exactly that then you get to sespe he's hates matter he's ten for fifty five on the year he's got doreen game winning hits so i'm fine with says but it's telling you after the game you know what i'm gonna fuck right now i'm not happy with my approach maybe i gotta get back on the golf course maybe we'll help my hand eye coordination something.

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