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TJ, I once sold an autographed terrier Riley poster to my brother for 45 cents. Because I heard the ice cream truck coming. And I had that on my wall at one point. Well, so Scott wouldn't even give you 50 cents? No. This game in question that we're talking about at the time was the third longest hockey game in NHL history behind a game that was played in 1933 and in 1936, although not in that order. So I was the first ever host and television history to host 6 intermission reports because these games prior to the game four of the 1996 first round playoffs. We're not played when there was television, let alone sponsored segments of a highlights. Within a sponsored intermission, so I had that record until, unfortunately, because you know, I like to hold these record holders. Three more games were played longer. I believe there have been some 5 overtime games played in the interim, so this game that I was talking about was the 6th longest game in the history of the NHL until last night. When the Panthers won with just where you got 12 seconds left in the game. On pardon me, 12 seconds left in the fourth overtime. They're staring at 5th overtime in the face. When Matthew kuchuk, chuck, lit the lamp, and here's the call, by the way, kudos to Doug play plugins. Of the Florida Panthers radio network because he calls the games by himself. He's got no one to talk to. No. Kind of like rich when he was doing those highlights. So what was it called a DSP in which the garage that we used to do? No, the garage was way out in the parking lot. This was in a small in the main building, I guess, building two, whatever the hell they call it, I've been away so damn long, building one, I don't know. But let's just give a plague in some play right here. Here's the call. Dumps it in down to our right. Here's great first keeps it to the outside. Sam Bennett keeps it in out front. Kentucky shop. He's gone. He's gone. Matthew, good chuck. The overtime winner. The Panthers take game one three two. The final Matthew can chuck is the marathon and the Panthers go home happy tonight here in Raleigh. Matthew kachak, the overtime winner. Three two the final. The longest game in the history of both franchises into the top ten longest games in National Hockey League history. And Matthew katsuki gets it done. Speaking of energy at two 15 in the morning and he talked and by himself the entire night. Do you think he was more happy that the Panthers won the game or that he could find? I totally understood Gretzky last night was like when somebody scored a goal and put the puck in the GD net. You know what I mean? I felt the same way sitting in the NHL tonight studio. In 1996, can I go home and then I walked out the door, Bill peto came in and did do anything. It was Billy peto. You might say, chuck a chow. You could say that. Very good. I just thought it was a queen. His mom, what can I do? Come on. You didn't think of like oh my God. Oh, my God. I said that, by the way. If you just said that. It's your show. It's your name. You can see whatever you want. Remember? I used to do because you heard when a hockey announcer shoots in scores. They go higher register up in there. So they all do that. Many of them. Like that. So I used to do that for a highlight on SportsCenter. He shoots he scores, like that. He shoots his guns. PTSD. It's a miracle. Until Susie arrived at ESPN and told me to my face that that is the worst call. On highlights. And is not befitting of the falsetto turned her off. Now, had you just for this feedback? What do you think? But probably not unsolicited in two cents. She's probably not. But basically, if this scenario of the Susie and I meeting at ESPN in 1996 was like Back to the Future, every single time I made that call, he should just go on SportsCenter. The photograph of all of us together. We've started to fade. Yeah. Awful. So I removed that from my repertoire. So let me get this straight. You guys are in the hallway. ESPN, you see this cute blond coming up to you, you're thinking, hey, I'm the man. And she goes, hey. What you're doing sucks. That's not how it went to. Good days later. I would agree that. And that's how we do that hockey. Here on the riches. And that kids is How I Met Your Mother. Let's do that hockey. All right, let's take a break the machine. Let's bring out the machine. You want to talk about energy. Hey, that was a great thank you. Standing. The great Bert kreischer is here to talk about the machine. Man, do you get distracted during the day thinking about your underarm sweating itching or emitting an odor? Do those thoughts keep you from showing care when it counts? New and improved dove men

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