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You guys where? Joe Moore's run as the progressive grassroots candidate for years and under Rahm Emanuel. He kinda changed his tune and Rogers park, it's almost like an uprising where you've seen more and more people wanted to progressive candidate out of the forty ninth ward that. Yeah. Forty seventh. Ward forty seven is interesting. They were like nine candidates and forty to the forty seven four looks like it looks like Matt Martin is way out in front, but he's not he's not going to avoid a runoff probably met Martin is a civil rights lawyer for the Illinois twenty general's office. He helped write the Chicago police of consent decree. He's he's at forty forty percent. And then second place right now is Michael Meg Ryan who's worked for Barack Obama's campaign and was manuals chief of policy. So those are two really interesting candidate highly Dorte is right behind Michael Negron. So they're right next. That's that's to be nuts talk. Let's keep going on Walter mentioned a forty fourth ward. And that of course, is all the Tom Tunney versus the Ricketts if you will. But he looks to have held off that challenge. Sixty two percent to twenty six percent off. Interested in another ward was it. Gosh, I'm not sure it's a neighboring. Let me let me keep going because the fortieth ward as we just heard Andrea say that alderman O'Connor was a head. But there are five candidates in that race Patrick O'Connor the floor leader for mayor Rahm Emanuel only has thirty four percent of the vote. There is a a very healthy split. That is going to a run-off alderman O'Connor is going to get run off in the fortieth war. That's very interesting because he of course, has been a big supporter of Rahm Emanuel in that war. There was a lot of challenges that stepped up this runner up the other one I wanna bring up the thirtieth war the thirtieth. Ward alderman, ROY is leading by percentage points. I mean, I I think it's under one hundred votes right now. Seventy one percent of the precincts reporting. Jessica Gutierrez Luis Gutierrez his daughter is running there right now if the if the race was called it would be going to a run-off, very interesting. You see some of these races that we were paying very close attention to. Are indeed heading to a runoff, and let's go to twenty-five. I've got. Yeah. Let's go to Solis. I also want to get us up to date on the on Jefferson park in the forty fifth ward. There's a there's an upset brewing there right now. It looks the twenty fifth ward is wide open. They're going to definitely going to run off. All the candidates showing pretty strong twenty percent totals. Let's go to the forty fifth ward. This is probably one of the bigger upsets as we look at it early. It's still early. They're not really eighty five percent end Jim Gardner who was the opposition to the incumbent John arena who's a progressive candidate in the forty fifth. Ward is is is drubbing arena. Is right now fifty three percents of thirty three percent. The question is still they're still seven precincts out can John arena force a runoff because right now Jim gardeners whipped is it's tough. But fifty three percent you're talking about. I mean, it's it's one area. This is Jefferson park this porch parts of Portage park. The northwest side of Chicago. They have a lot of issues contentious issues around affordable housing a lot of first responders live in that area. John arena who has been a major political force a progressive rest of member of the progressive caucus, and he he may be looking at at losing his reelection bid. So a lot of great racist right now shaping up at the older Matic level and say one thing that when we did our interviews with an yeah. And Lightfoot I asked them both. How are you going to build a coalition and the city council to get your vision accomplished, and they both said a version of well, I'm hoping there's a lot of change there too. We might be seeing that some of the some of the areas though, that we we were wondering about let's let's go to the thirteenth war-. This is Marty Quinn. I e depaul freshman earn fresh nineteen year old David Kroupa, not even close. Marty Quinn blows them out of the water. Eighty five percent of the low makes you wonder what were they thinking when they were doing. Just shenanigans for shenanigans say for practice, and then because we look only interesting in the number is low fifty eight percent of the precincts reporting in the fourteenth ward, the incumbent there, of course, is alderman, Ed Burke, he has fifty five percent of the vote Tanya Patino who is the candidate is backed by chew Garcia's twenty eight percent of the vote there anywhere where they will play those games and holdback precincts. That's the that's the one. Yes. And as we look I wanna throw it another one as well. This is a really interesting one in the first war the first word of Chicago's wicker park is a buck down. Pro Joe Moreno who has been the incumbent there. He is run into a coupla strange little scandals that have popped up in the last couple of weeks. He is getting beat Daniela spot is is the came out of nowhere. He had a scandal scandal his own but sixty percent of the vote, and he has a nice lead with sixty one percent of the precincts. Reporting. So that is the hope for pro Joe's that in the last fifteen precincts reporting that he can at least get it to a runoff get a runoff. You're not going to get it. Yeah. Chechen? We're gonna start getting some of these concession speeches coming in here progressive just and we're going to start getting on March. Second one second. We're going to start getting some of these outstations speeches coming in. We're not gonna take all of them, obviously. Because there's fourteen candidates course, Gary, Chico, just making a nice heartfelt speech conceding this race. And of course, there's no winner yet. But he's so far behind right now. He says was six percent of the vote as Gary McCarthy is speaking right now as well saying that he's conceding this race to whoever it's going to be. And he said also that his golf game is going to get a whole lot better summer. Now, we go so just starting to come back. Former police superintendent giving his concession speech. There are seventy almost seventy five percent of the precincts. Reporting for mayor, it's gone up a little bit Lori Lightfoot continuing what they and again, pushing the leads over seventy thousand seven seventy thousand seven hundred votes seventeen point five of the of the vote at you look to second place right now, and it's getting close. Toni preckwinkle has a five thousand vote for four and a half thousand vote lead one percentage point over Bill Daley third or fourth place. Looks to be set as Willie Wilson looks to be a fourth place finisher forty-one thousand votes so far in fifth place for seeing Susanna Mendoza with nine percent, and then Amara Enya and Jerry choice after that is that a Mendoza, and Gary Chico or had very disappointing nights. I mean, obviously, if you don't finish in the top two you're disappointed, but but this was much worse than I thought either of them. We're going to do I thought we're gonna see Susanna Mendoza into the night. I thought she was going to be I thought she was. Going to beat Willie Wilson. I thought she might be up there. Vying for the top. Second place midyear, Chico. Not not a great showing. Jerry. He only had six percent of the votes. They split the Latino vote which was expected, you know. Yeah. And he wonders all with with their both of their connections to alderman, Ed Burke and their names being dragged through the mud now. What doesn't make sense is that Cook County board president Toni preckwinkle who was actually named in some of the corruption stuff. She did not seem to take on any of the Burke baggage has she is pulling fifteen point eight percent of the they'll keep in mind. This was her race to lose from the beginning. She had strong union support. So she had the field team that just been a walk away. Even in a crowded field. She shouldn't be struggling for first place. So she suffered and it's still close to say with twenty five percent of the precincts out meaning used to still have a little bit ways to go all eyes on second place. I think I think we could would say that Lori Lightfoot right now is almost a shoe and to go to the runoff. The question will be will. She be facing Cook County board, president Toni preckwinkle or Bill Daley both of which four thousand votes preckwinkle daily. Would be in the runoffs. Well, I thought I thought it might be a life would Mendoza. So I can't be bragging rights here. But what do you what do you think what progress is gonna go with Lightfoot against preckwinkle Brecqhou has some very good progressive bona fides? I mean, not not totally. But she also she's, you know, over the years, so one of the events that I was at in the last couple of weeks that really helped me solidify for Lightfoot. A woman stood up African American woman. Career media woman who is retired. But we'll all know who she is. If I said, but I'm not gonna she's stick. It was a private meeting about thirty three five women and she stood up. And she said, I will never forgive Toni preckwinkle for backing Berrios after he made us pay other people's taxes, and he she may have said white people's taxes. She could have said white people's taxes because that's what happened. She said after it was announced and disclosed by the Tribune that he did that after the voters kicked him out on his but Tony gave him a lifetime achievement award. Can't get past that it'll be interesting because Toni preckwinkle if she does indeed make the runoff will have a lot to answer to when it comes to her record, and she's running she'll be running against the progressive candidate who has vowed to to clean up the clean up politics and Toni preckwinkle on one hand call is says she proudly, where's the where's the badge of boss. And you have to expect Lightfoot to focus sharply on the question of ethics because that's her strong. I play very interesting. If she if she does that Tony picnic will have to answer questions that are gonna be very hard for her renounce her position, at least to say, if you elect me mayor, I won't be chairman of the Cook County party 'cause the last person who did that controlled the city in a non ethical, man. I just want to do that little bit of Matthew. This daily is Bill Daley is four thousand one hundred and eight votes behind preckwinkle with seventy five percent of the vote. And then and and life foot has a six thousand seven hundred vote lead over preckwinkle. So you've got daily needs to make up four thousand votes in the last twenty five. I think I think it's a heavy lift it could be done see where they're coming from coming from. But but I mean, these this top two looks like solidify Eric Zoran March halprin Walter Jacobson in-studio three one two nine eight one seventy two hundred Andrea is standing by with election results will continue to give you those results as well as pay attention to concession speeches and get some candidates on the line here to talk about their campaigns. That's all coming up here. Chicago twenty nineteen on seven twenty WGN voters have spoken.

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