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In tonight in place of gambling finisher reality check policies, Devon Prater. That is an issue we perceive as being on our end at this point, the last moment similar experience was earlier this week on Willie show with the governor were working on it. We're monitoring idea they're short of that. I I am powerless to fix the current situation. But I do feel bad forever in Prater that we've put him through that. And I certainly appreciate Chad Brendel from bearcat journal who went to great lengths to to help facilitate this. And we're not able to deliver on this end. If you're looking for more on Evan Prater? Chad in the the fine folks at bearcat journal dot com have everything and anything to about Evan Prater in the impact on the football program and the significance of this day with the quarterback at Wyoming high school, the junior class of twenty twenty verbally committing. To the Bearcats earlier today. Reds lose today. One nothing was the final score. The fireworks really were saved until the ninth inning today while the early firework was the Syndergaard home run, but in the ninth inning Jesse Winker leading off the inning was he jetted on a called strike to in his at bat argued with the home plate umpire Marty foster was ojected. David Bill came bolting from the dugout trying to save him from section couldn't do it. He was ejected as well w jecklin that left Kyle firmer having to pinch hit for Winker entering the box with account of oh to inheriting the oh. To count. He struck out on the next pitch. So that was the first out of the inning a Dietrich singled Suarez struck out for the second out of the then then Dietrich singled pinch-runner was Michael the Renton he stole second. And that was the first time the reds runner in scoring position. But the game ends on your CO Puig out. Struck out to end the game. He went oh. For four on the day. First three at bats. He saw three pitches today did Puig. He's won for his last twenty. He is batting one seventy eight. Now, I will say this about the home plate empire, and I hate making things about officials or empires. But but I'll say this mardi foster was awful today. If you were watching just through your own eyes. You saw how bad his strike zone was I can back that up through the website umpire auditor in the Twitter account at empire auditor, that tracked all the balls and strike calls today by mardi foster and showed it was his worst game in his major league career behind behind the plate. He missed twenty five percent of his calls today. At least twenty-five percent said the website now meeting that's take out there were two hundred and twenty two pitches in the game. Take all the pitches that were actually putting play that number that was left one out of every four the pitches that he. He called ball or strike. Was wrong today that according to unpire auditor that is a bad day on the gig as a home plate empire tonight. Now having said that as I said earlier that may be all true mardi foster at a really bad day behind the plate. Jesse winker? Can't get thrown out. He just he can't no matter. How bad the pitch was. Or wasn't no matter what he said. Or didn't say I know this in the ninth inning of a one nothing game with Jesse Winker leading off as the guy leaves your team in home runs in other than Joey Votto has the best plate discipline on the team. Jesse weaker can't get tossed. He did was he egged on was he baited it kind of appeared that way, it appears though mardi foster wanted a piece of Jesse Winker was having a bad day. Let's get this thing over with. I got dinner. I got a flight. I don't wanna be here. Jesse may have said something I didn't notice. Jesse don't they? Jesse said anything directly to him initially as if the show him up batters will enjoy vodkas good at this. If they disagree with the pitch they will in the in the zone, they may step out or step back in. But they'll be looking at to the pitcher, and they'll be talking to the unpire as did not show him up to not turn around and directly, you know, wave the arms or make the eye contact and make a motion. I did not initially see that from Jesse Winker. And yet he got run by mardi foster, right or wrong. I fall back on this. Jesse Winker just can't put himself in a position to even have it entered the mind of Mauri foster, I've had a bad day and allies thing I need is this guy yapping at me, you're out. You just can't do that reds lose one. Nothing. Third inning was the only run of the game. Tell her male pitch really, by the way, the one run today. The home run by Syndergaard. The exit velocity was almost one hundred six miles an hour. Syndergaard. Hit it almost one hundred six miles an hour. Second home run of his career. But Malley for the day went five innings gave up the one run. Now. I know that the criticism will be in a heard it during the broadcast. How you take it out Tyler Mali after five innings when he's only thrown it was eighty five pitches. Yeah. Five innings four hits one run. No walk seven strikeouts. Eighty four pitches. He was pound in the strike zone. Sixty two strikes. They took him out. David Bill will tell you. He had pitched. Well, the sixth inning was three lefties coming up the first three hitters of the six lefty lefty lefty lefties have owned Tyler Molly to this point in the season hitting about three eighty against him. So David did what he's done he mixed and matched the rest of the way. He got what three innings out of the bullpen scoreless work. Zach do came in in the six he's your lefty to get left. He's out got three out. Oh he walked the leadoff batter. Then get the next three out. Robert Stevenson pitched a scoreless seventh. David Hernandez pitched a scoreless eighth reds bullpen three innings. No runs on the day. I will say this about the concern about the bullpen. And look, I I hesitate to believe they're going to be able to maintain this pace both from a strength standpoint. And it success standpoint. But entering the game today. I'll ask you lock in your answer. Here. If I were to ask you out of thirty teams where the reds rank in bullpen innings. This season innings thrown by the bullpen. Where do you think the reds ranked entering the game today at a thirty teams? They were twenty twenty-first tied for twenty first. The rays of throwing the most innings out of the bullpen. They don't really count because they to the bullpen thing. But the angels are second one hundred thirty eight innings out of their bullpen. The reds have one hundred three the major league average is one hundred nine let me repeat that for the hand wringing that's going on the average major league team has used their bullpen for a hundred and nine innings. David bell is used his one hundred and three. It's not just David bell. It's not just the reds. It's the trend in major league baseball bullpens are being used more than they've ever been used before. But in this case at a thirty teams the reds are all the way down to twenty one in terms of overall usage. Now, it would be fair to point out. He's using a lot of guys to get those inex- a lot of you get an out you get an out, and you give me two outs that may on the surface be well, he only used him for five pitches and used him for seven, and we'll that guy was all used for eleven true. But they're all getting up. They're all getting warm. They're all getting hot. And they're all being brought into the gay that will have an accumulative effect continue to add up and wear down your bullpen. So I guess he's using a lot of relievers. But he's not using them a lot is that I want to say it. Yeah. He's using a lot. Like throwing three and four relievers into the game over the course of the final few innings, but he's not using them. A lot inside of being in the game. If that makes sense. I think it does up to go back and listen to the podcast later. But, but I think that came out the way I wanted to buy main point was just perspective. It's not nearly as bad as you think. I would assume that had I had you sitting in front of me, you would you would have said David bell. He's using his bullpen more than any team in baseball. No there's twenty teams who've used more bullpen innings this season than David Bill. I know this. I don't have an explanation for why these team isn't hitting you can point to and I hesitate to point to Turner ward. I I just refuse to believe a teen tanks. This significantly offensively not on purpose, obviously. Because of a change in the hitting coach just I mean easy somewhat culpable yet. But I'm a believer in personal accountability. In and there's many position players are on this roster at twenty five who just not them or other than other than Caselli in glazes. Nobody's hitting on this team. I don't know. How you explain that? I do not. When we continue with the check on news. We'll try to talk with Phil Castellini. He'll be our second attempt for communication via the phone lines tonight. If not in the eight o'clock hour when John auroras scheduled I'm going to grab some tin cans and some string and there's a telephone pole over here by the FBI building. Maybe I'll scale the telephone pole and hold the tin cans to my ear. John, john. Can you hear me? It is seven thirty on the home of the rich NewsRadio seven hundred wwl w..

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