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Now you put in jason campbell. He can't throw a time in pass. he's too young is almost so big that everything he's throwing. It really deepened over his guys and have the time as late or hard. So and you know. Jason finally got on probably his second year. We hit stride and i had my first season with him. But i just feel like a lot of times. I've been here ostensibly or defensively. We had a plan not designed for the guys that we had in the bright. You know. I think the two thousand five season was the closest to roster wise to what they have. Now get to that in a moment but it's also the closest over the last twenty one years. This team was to an nfc championship game. Because if carlos rogers hangs onto that pick six with you guys a three nothing early in the second quarter with the way the defense was playing. I think he may beat seattle in that playoff game. Two games like that one in new york my lashes crazy my last year before i even came to washington in one wash. My first year is crazy. Two games back to back years old four and five where we got the game rep do apart and we lost the game over. Not doing part so yeah. That game was one of those games man. But you know. I i look back at it all the time and i just look at it and i say maybe we were always think everything happens for a reason so it just wasn't meant you know. I don't think we mentally you know we were able to. We was ready to go and see that next step in the playoffs. You know we had a good team. A lot of games was one late in the season for us to even get into play game one five straight at the end of the year to get in. Yeah so like man the things that we did we kinda shot are what you know what i mean. We really shot wa. We felt like. Hey yes we have a good team we hitting on all southern clicking at the right time of the season but we just shot a man we didn't have. We had a lot of young talent out there too and a lot of guys out there. Basically we had a lot of individual play. That made us what we were not. It wasn't a team effort. It was a lot of guys out there. Plan ultimately at their some of their best football and that allowed us to be. You know a great team. 'cause offensively it was basically cooley. Ten importers take us. You know do what you do. Yeah you know what i'm saying and defensively those guys playing. They were sounded. I think it's the best defensive team since the team. We have now no doubt they was playing south football. That's one reason why to this day. I love great williams. I saw something in how coast them and how he prepared them like. I was sitting on the island practice and imports and think about my first year here on the team. So i'm like man. I see a difference in them in us every day. I would say something about that. What you mean. I'm like bro. They really practicing. We're over here talking right now. You know what. I'm saying like we were sitting over here. You know how a nice day out here. All sitting on our helmets. You know what i'm saying but we did practice. I'm not saying. I'm not taking away from our coaching staff. On a off the side we did but it just seemed like the defense was on another level like they was a team inside of our team. You know on all right. Let's get back to this team for a moment A big story since june has been the injury to curtis samuel. Should we be concerned. Hail concern you know. I'm a receiver in rolling injuries to well. I've been a lot of those soft. Tissue injuries. Suck they suck. And i hope curtis have a personal guy that he's seemed because it wasn't until i got here in washington until i realized that in order for me to be on the field i had to pay to play and i went through four years in new york where one knee injury kind of basically took everything to me like my first year. I got you know. I i heard my knee and my body which is out of whack. I talked to my growing toma quota and any time and time again. All because of my alignment from my knee and as a young player. You don't know that you don't know how valuable it is to see a car pregnant to see masseuse to have soft tissue experts. You know and i got the dc to the grace guy you know. I had the. I have to really think Blue foot shawn springs or bringing his trainer. Because once i met him you know it took it took my game and it took my career another level so thanking them out curtis and where he's coming from off of that soft tissue. You know one of the things you have to do is get back to just you know. He's very explosive player. Like myself and folks go to realize those injuries gonna come more than often more than they will often will for another player because we always run and two gears that we're shifting in and out of is nowhere near some of the other guys on the team so i'm concerned knowing that he had so much time off and i'm just not sure how healthy it is right now and we'll be a problem when he feel like he has healthiest and he goes out there and you get a couple of games on his belt and then it's tired doesn't treat it the right way and it goes again why we shawn springs. His nickname blue foot. I've never heard that before. Tell you the truth. I never asked the question. But i assume that he was so black that he was almost blue. Guess what that'd be my answer to it okay. What kind of year do you think ryan. Fitzpatrick is going to have pretty productive year. You know The one thing that. I like about ryan fitzpatrick is. He reminds me a lot of those. Those quarterbacks are talked about in mark in binney. He's a veteran guy. Seen so much of the game that he's gonna have these guys on the outside. He's going willing deal. They they gotta get ready. Especially terry he goes 'cause ryan's gonna find them. And when you have a guy like logan the inside and you had the running backs too that we have and you know in the backfield terrorist gonna get a lot of opportunities dishes that he should had lascher and you might say. That's crazy because terry court so many passes but it was a lot of things up on the field. That terry should have have more opportunity. So ryan's gonna those opportunities the one question our ask myself is that Can we make sure. Ryan is not Being that guy that's trying to do too much. We don't need him to try so hard..

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