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Really assemble the dream team. We really did. I mean yeah it is it is in in. We've got one. We've got a a senior exempt from josh. We've got computer down. We've got another business guy. I mean so. We've got that we've got a team of folks in in the cool part is we're all pretty much in sync we all in. That's that's why in everyone in sync to do what we want to do. In the coal part is it's it's our group in. It's kind of fun to be a part of in when we when we announced that we had bought the landmark property in boardman the feedback on. That was so it was it was we knew. We had something with combine brothers. You know. obviously it's a thirty four year business the That combine family has just been wonderful to work with us to use their main in their their brain in their trade dress and they just have been great folks But but when we made that announcement it was it was crazy. I mean right now and feeble. When's the door. it's going to open exactly i. I mean i still get text. One has opened and we we have So we we. We took control the building in february We've been given preliminary approval from Township for our plans and our we've got ta building permits and we're waiting on finding final architecture drawings from moscow gemini. Okay have something Finalized with the drawings and whatnot over the next probably three to five days and construct. Yeah i mean after construction began to. It's pretty quick. Should go fast. Hopefully hopefully it will it. Will i know be all smooth. Oh yeah all and no surprises. They'll be like oh. We didn't use your contingency budget here. You go we'll give you the money back exactly so you're talking about soft opening around july so you think like the doors will be opened around that same time as well or august. We're hopeful that a couple things weren't working patty on the rear of it. You know gonna ask that question with everything out. Listen even before the pandemic i. I'm a huge advocate of outdoor usable outdoors days So an i remember when i first started in commercial real estate back in dc. So this is two thousand seven going to the museum of architecture in dc and seen around the world exhibits of what they were doing of showing how they were recreating outdoor space and making it usable. So it's not just it's not just greenspace that's actually usable space in outdoor seating for for food with huge and i think we're ohioans than we can endure a little bit of cold at times and still sit outside. I'm really a huge of that. I think i'm sure your husband and your life is my wife. And i if it's is able to move Want to sit outside. Yeah sunny in in so we We're adding a patio there. We're adding a patio hermitages. Well oh nice. And so so the Not because of that people wanna sit outside. They do and especially after this last year. I mean you just wanna be outside. You want to be hanging out going in What we sell comfort food in so if we can not good ball a line did food are bread is homemade every day. I mean it is. They also have homemade pasta on sundays. Right correct see. I see i do pay attention and i listen. I'm very excited about sunday's homemade pasta us to us too. And i love any carb really that i may do dry january but i will never give up car ever carbs ever bread and pasta. I love it too much. I will not give it up. it's a steep. Is i mean those are true energizer for your body and the amount that we're constantly moving we need it. That's how i justified in my mind. So i cannot wait. So do you when you start the hiring process and everything like that. So we We are blessed We are able to hire general manager for the boardman location. We hired her. Name is stephanie. shank local eighty Excited hafer runner team. She started training so some are brother-in-law being the guy he is. He brought her over major start waiting tables. Then we're open at twenty five percent in hermitage okay She got to wait tables. Bus tables work in the kitchen in. She's working through the process so she's in hermitage now and In in getting set to start a higher were looking just a little advertisement. We're looking for supervisor. Shift supervisors and waitstaff as we speak because we want to get them on board some now to maye okay training process gallons so i make sense. Yeah so yet. Welcome to give us a call. Linda in yeah we would call that platz. That's right so actually. When you were just matching the twenty five percent by july. I think were fingers toes crossed that we will be able to be at full capacity place. And that's what we're anticipating. A we drug are fee. We we hope to be. We had pretty much targeted. What we were gonna do a year ago and we Drug our feet on this. Because we really didn't as everybody's seen in read and heard in the news about russia. Businesses are hermitage business. We we started with being closed. You know pandemic it's announced. Kobe gets announced forty hours later. We're locked now. And then two weeks later they let us open for up. Carry out in in that one for few months. Mpa was a lot stricter that we breezy on the am in. So we said you know what we want to see how we get to the other side of this and We think that we were Last friday open this up to seventy five percents. That's kind of a big deal. Huge salient But our carry out drama. Business has been amazing that the folks that have. We've got a bunch of people from here but obviously hermitage and sharon and whatnot. The the folks over there have just really supported our our efforts We've got you know our waitstaff it. I mean they'll tell you people over there have been very generous in tipping you know just to get carry out their ships and so that's that's really coal and so we we think that We think we're going to hit this thing just about right and down. Yeah we were just about right. I think that one of those things that i mean. The pandemic sucked end. It is still alive game. I know there's no there's no way around it by those there. Are those people in those businesses out there. Such as yourself that did absolutely and and learn new skills and how to to work this new environment and sustain a i'm not saying flourish but sustain and with that when we do get back to our capacity like we've seen this with the brewers and bird. Fish is phenomenal. Drive through fear pickup and everything like these are things that hopefully and their distribution expanded many of them so hopefully with this pandemic such like it'll be a combined the both the traditional with the nontraditional mp just blow up. We see we see a change in the dining in our business but it's the dining business in john in so the the the Twenty something to thirty something demographic those folks they wanna they wanna go in. They want pick the food up and they wanna go to their friends house in. They want to open a good bottle on and they wanna have you know they want to have home cooked cooking. I wanna do it in a different atmosphere. Where like my generation. We wanna go. You wanna sit. We.

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