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T A. R calm and streaming Live on the K T A R news app. You're breaking news and traffic now. PTR news time is 1 30. I'm Julie. The Vin, an additional 5376 Positive Cove in 19 cases added this morning, the Arizona Department of Health Services also reporting another 25 deaths. The number of positive cases now stands at 364,276 6950. People have reportedly died. In the court of Iris. Here in Arizona. Two top Arizona Republican leaders involved in a war of words and I may be a while until things cool down has started earlier this week with a spiced up tweet from state GOP chair Kelli Ward, telling the governor to shut up after he certified the election results. The governor later telling her to practice what she preaches Valley political experts stand, Barnes says the party is fractured and won't immediately be repaired. For the most part. Doug Ducey, Kelli Ward believe in the same general policy matters, but it's that you Unity factor in the personality problems in the style issues. That's what has to be overcome. Word continues to challenge the November 3rd election in court. Let's get a check now on traffic in the Valley Chevy dealers Traffic Center Josh Hey, well, construction westbound on the one on one, shutting down both the Seventh Avenue on Grandpa's Wells, the 19th Avenue off ramp. You didn't want to enter and exit the freeway on 27th Avenue instead, if you're coming through the area here Up to three ways. Three different problems to look out. For one of these is a car fire 35th Avenue north of Northern Bullard at I 10 That's Iraq Look out for another crash, and Chandler on McQueen, just north of Peco's. This report is sponsored by online trading academy Phoenix. You work hard for your money, Learn how to make your money work harder for you tune into the Bulls and the Bears Saturday morning, said 7, A.m. and Sunday mornings at 9 A.m...

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