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I'm larry coffee and on bloomberg 991 i reporting on the selection of a new manager for the university of virginia is nine point two billion dollar endowment encore needs on a how on whis and lowvoltage yoda will spend an extra two point eight billiondollar son software for selfdriving cars and plants tire thousand programmers i did cory on kfb caves sacramento ibook voting appleby's planning a push into the high end of the head quote briefly emily sufferer antigun knx in los angeles overnight returns indicate that ratings for last night's oscars telecast stumbled to an alltime low thank you lisa and now it's time for a weekly business of sports segment were michael barr scott sauce nick and ever novi williams bring us up to date on some of the top stories in the world of sports whether you have today force guys june in added we begin with the big ten at least they had the tournament it's all over michigan one but it's in new york and i wonder why is there a problem of trying to retract more people and more tournaments the come to new york maybe the acc well everybody wants to be here that's the point they think the corporate money will follow i was walking up seventh avenue and i passed the guy with the big you know the golden the maize airman then there was the michigan state spartans shirt and it just felt so out of place i remember here goes it or the old guy going again i remember when we had georgetown in syracuse in st john's battling for the big east at madison square garden that felt and still feels right to see the big ten the ac see me this is tobacco road what are they doing on broadway but that's a totally different world than a totally different college sports business model these schools do well getting fundraising from the business.

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