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Week? Cue The music music music music. So Ryan Newman was on hand over there at Phoenix. Last weekend briefly said he was happy to be alive. And that's numb are questions Guess he denied interviews probably because he had today show in his back pocket on. Nbc sounds painful. Selling something very painful back pocket. But if you're going to do your first interview after something like that. I mean they show be pretty pretty big place to do it then. Why show up? I don't understand well. I mean he kind of wanted to get back into the groove with this with this team and everything. I'm I mean. He had to have known that would have caused a little bit of a stir. Well Yeah Bob alone is going to bug the heck out of you. And he did to Bob's credit absolutely but they did get a few words out of them at least It was kind of awkward and it looked very forced and it was but To THE NASCAR MEDIA CREDIT. They did the best they could with the situation. They had at hand We got the full story. Well at least the full story that they're willing to tell us to this point of what happened with Ryan. Newman Yep Bruce Brain unconscious not good. No those aren't Things that You like to hear although Bruce Brain is basically a concussion. Correct right there sugar coating it for sure I mean. Isn't that what a bruise brain is? Isn't that when a concussion? They didn't really say it that way. Did they know it? Didn't I don't really? I'm not a medical doctor. So there's probably more clarification to that than I am privy to. Its being. You don't want nothing to see here move along but I've always been you know kind of let known that a bruised or swollen brain would be part of concussion but I don't know I'm not an expert The other thing is The big part of this is unconscious. We haven't heard anybody say that he was unconscious at any point during this to this point so After the crash happened at some point he lost consciousness So that's a big piece of this puzzle here and also said the roll cage which we kind of suspected was compromised when it was slammed into At two hundred miles an.

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