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We send out a weekly newsletter and every month you have the opportunity to get a bonus show for April, Adam mentioned it in our mirror discussion. We did dive into spike jonze's her at ten, family members look for that. It is waiting for you in your feed. We've gotten some feedback on it. Michael Phillips, how about this? A blurb from Michael Phillips. A Michael Phillips blurb. That's like gold, man. He said, great at Ben, best film of that year. Okay. Michael was a big her fan, apparently Andrew Howell also said it was a blind spot for me, so perfect timing to catch up with it, great discussion, and Mike merrigan shared this revisit was an outrageously good episode. Well, thank you, Mike. Who's going to argue with The Godfather of film spotting madness, and we're patting ourselves on the back a little bit there, perhaps. They're using other words, but I do think it was a very good discussion. And if you like that film and you're inclined to seek out some additional film spotting every month, her is a good episode to start with if you become a film spotting family member. Now you can also access our archive as a family member. If you go all the way back and I'm not saying anyone should listen to these for the record, but they're there. Andrei Rublev and solaris, Sam and I, we talked about those two movies together, joint tarkovsky discussion as part of our overlooked O tours marathon. So we were admitting then with that name that they were overlooked or tours by us. Three O tours, tarkovsky, ozu, Sam fuller, where the filmmaker. So back in February 2006, we talked about Andrei Rublev and solaris in the same show. Josh, I don't know exactly how long we just spent on mirror, but do you want to guess how long the entire segment was about both of those films? Oh man. I'm going to guess, I'm going to say those were a little more formidable. So you might have gone a tad longer, 14 minutes. Okay, see, I knew you were going to rightfully guess something really low. We were actually over 25. Okay. But it was both of those films. And it's kind of funny to think about. We also did a top 5 on that show. The entire episode was about 51 minutes. Inconceivable today. Inconceivable. Now, before we finally close out this show, I do want to mention how good a film solaris is and how much it's come up over the course of this show's history. We have to thank for this knowledge. Bill McLaughlin, a listener who embarked on a project Josh to listen to every show in the archive and make a letter box list of every movie that's ever been mentioned. Now, not only that, he would list in the notes, the show it was talked about on the date and why. Why it came up. I've mentioned this before or plugged it before, but it was maybe a couple months ago, and he was up to 2012 or something. Well, now he's done. The film spotting guide to the archives. That's a letter box. It's insane. It's such a good resource. And I used it today to find out about solaris 3848 individual titles that have been mentioned over the 18 years of film spotting. Quick list, solaris, 88 top 5 dystopias slash visions of the future. One 14 top 5 mindbenders, one 33, top 5 scariest moments. One 71 top 5 movies about memory. Two 34 top 5 movies about mortality. 360 8 top 5 losing my mind movies for 16 top 5 doppelganger movies. Number four 37, top 5 movie locations we wish we could visit. I remember feeling like I was going out on a limb with that one. 5 40 top 5 streaming sci-fi movies and 5 75 top 5 films of 19 72. Sounds like saliva should be in the Pantheon. I was going to say that as well. It probably should be put away, but I also wanted to highlight that letter box list and say our thanks are sincere gratitude to build McLaughlin for taking that time and is devotion to the show. We'll link to that letter box list in the show notes for this episode over at film spotting dot. Ned, again, if you want to check out the film spotting family and all those benefits, go to film spotting family dot com. Streaming, one of the movies that made Josh's list his questions about the summer movie season where you can answer your question about the mother with Jennifer Lopez is a deadly assassin that is out now directed by Nikki Caro. Why? Well, you can also see the other film that came up as part of that question Ben Affleck's hypnotic make your choice bennifer battle. That's correct. I think I should probably jump over here and ask. They're together. I think they're married again. Okay. All right. I think so. That's directed by Robert Rodriguez. Book club is out the next chapter. That's Diane Keaton Jane Fonda, Candice Bergen and Mary steenburgen. Fool's Paradise directed by Charlie day, and in limited release, you can see BlackBerry, the social network, but BlackBerry. We'll go with that. Directed by Matt Johnson that did just play the Chicago critics film festival. Next week, a lot of potential films to talk about may have a review roundup of sorts or we might dive in to Paul Schrader's master gardener with Joel Edgerton and Sigourney Weaver.

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