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To save the planet and to perpetuate and propel the evolution of the consciousness of human beings which will save the human race. We need to be able to do the generational work that will access the origins. The sources in the roots of the original splits the original separations from self from culture from lineage. From family from all the different things that that create this really severe division between us individuals and the problem globally. So for me we. We have to do the generational work because we can't just stick with the individual work number one. It will be here forever. I mean we don't have that much time on earth to to save us to save the planet to in in a way that will allow for you know the ascended human being to have somewhere to live and to live in harmony. Were trying to remember. That state of harmony can't do it unless we're doing generational healing at a global scale so to me it's it's an imperative. It's an imperative to do this way. While the individual healing has a ripple effect. So if you heal somebody in this time line it will ripple back through the lineages by virtue of the mechanism of of healing. That is somewhat mysterious. How how does healing something here. He'll something back then and vice versa. How does it. he'll are descendants. weren't even born yet. We're not sure. I mean rachel yehuda is doing all the up genetic research there's other genetic researchers trying to find out how this works but it's just crucial that we do it on this scale one to one is not enough. Small groups is not enough to change the trajectory of what's happening and to change the collective imprints that people are carrying in addition to their own individual lineage imprint. So it's just really important thing to be able to get back to the origins of these splits the origins of these dissociation from from from cell phone from sources from lineage and from humanity and from consciousness speechless lisa. I mean the the potential of this work is is that thank you actually speaking that out a naming it so us doing this work if someone's listening and interest is like how can someone do this work or how can how can this spread in a way. This sustainable well. That's what i'm working on right now. in the crm community the comprehensive resource model community meaning myself the trainers the consultants in the organization Or working really hard to develop and build this aspect of the comprehensive resource model work. Because it's it's actually a just a regular trauma processing model as well so there's a lot of us who have dedicated and committed to this big mission. It's a mission to get this kind of healing to a global scale and we are literally in the planning stages on how to take what we know works one on one or with small groups into the huge collective internationally so right now i mean people might organization. Even there's lots of people outside my organization who have the same mission and ironically finding each other. it's that universal flow that universal intelligence. That realizes there is now time and space and an opening for all of us to come together all of us who have the same mission and work together to figure out a way to get this healing out there to scale so. There's a bunch of us doing that. And i have a nonprofit foundation That is meant to facilitate this particular mission of healing to scale We also are doing on a on a more micro level. Obviously we're trying to train more therapists or goal is to train as many therapists as possible to do this kind of work. All over the world and to help those therapists do their own generational healing in order so to allow them to be clear to be clear and clean and able to step into everything that needs done for this kind of work..

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