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Hi i'm imron ahmed founder and ceo of the business of fashion and welcome to the b o f podcast cultural appropriation has become one of the most important hotbutton topics of two thousand seventeen in the fashion in history so we wanted to make sure we addressed it and we were really lucky to have dapper dan the legendary designer from harlem leyla petar of platform thirteen and tim blanks b o fs own cultural expert aficionado speak about this issue of cultural appropriation and to understand where it crosses the line between cultural exchange and cultural appropriation so here's tim blanks dapper dan and leyla tar at boise's two thousand seventeen voices is the most stimulating gathering of fashion industry leaders on the planet what makes boyce's different is that we mix our industry with fascinating people from other sectors from the worlds of economics activism health and wellness madison film philanthropy technology media and so many more fashion doesn't live in a bubble and nor should it this is one of the sessions from our two thousand seventeen gathering so if you like this talk please do save the date and look out for more information on business of fashion dot com forward slash voices for all the details just a quick known this conversation has recorded live in front of an audience so please excuse any audio issues and i'm really glad to be talking about this issue with two experts because it is a very very thorny one i think but you'll story dan you honesty couldn't make it up it's it's like a i i hope it's being made into a movie at some point your relationship with the great fashion houses how howitt's evolve devolved evolved to gang is is incredible i think right now the issue that there are people who come back up there at the accusation of cultural appropriation.

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