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Not easy i know he makes a lot of money i know he plays in the nba but when i really step back and look at it shame on me for not picking it up dude needs to be hugged needs to be loved needs to be supported the threetimes these entered dysfunction kind of struggle and the one time somebody truly supported him he kicked ours and they bailed on him of course of course that transition to cleveland has been difficult david beckham around the corner welcome back you know him from manchester united real madrid the movie called bennett like rackham la galaxy player and you know he's one of those guys like liberal on an messy and michael jordan that becomes really international and a david beckham as joining us now in miami he's bringing the mls as 25th franchise to miami florida and that david beckham is joining us be of the cower global satellite network david it it's interesting i was introduced at a very young age by late mother was british and i've grew up in the pacific northwest so i've always been the american sports caster their appreciates soccer but we are in a very distracted market american kids have football basketball baseball can we ever truly like i i won't get my feelings hurt when we ever truly be a soccer power in america or is our youth level to distracted with too many options the i you know i've always believed in this sport in america is one of the reasons why move firm rao madrid to go over to the mls and live in la and play for the galaxy because i believe where this league was heading that's that was a quite a few years ago and the league has gone from strength to strength without a teams we've added stadiums the commissioner and the verona's done of down an incredible job so far you know this is a truly global sports the most is is is the is the most powerful spoil i believe in the land and you know the fact that we bring in franchise now into a truly global city i've always believed in.

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