FBI, CNN, Time Warner discussed on The Glenn Beck Show


Fifteen seconds the FBI and department of homeland security has issued a warning against on a ram cyber threat and think that takes anybody by surprise but just prepare yourself just in case and don't panic the the media has been pretty shocking but CNN's boldness and its unwillingness to even look at its own mistakes is a little breathtaking and I'm wondering who who owns it now is it just is it just time what is still Time Warner that owns CNN I don't remember I can't get from but I don't know how the eighteen T. yeah my BNC now when is when is someone going to say okay enough just enough the the media critic at The Washington Post is doing something I'm not really a fan of this guy but he's he's doing something that I have not seen a media critic do he is not only taking on CNN but he took on the Washington post and he even took on himself he said in my column I said this this and this and that was wrong I mean it's it's quite amazing but there is there is there are a few people that are trying to say okay wait a minute and CNN is becoming the target for a lot of journalists outside of CNN who are saying it's not us it's them no that's not what that's not what Erik Wemple did he said it was us too yeah he called himself a was of a pathetic media criticism failure yeah I would say now probably in his words may have been described the use of in the back the about him in the past but not usually by himself that's pretty is pretty significant there so the article that he wrote for The Washington Post dear CNN what parts of the steel dossier were corroborated I mean listen to how old how old they stood on this steel dossier being cooperated here's a audio clip parts of the now infamous dossier.

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