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Gun I lost my train of thought again. I told you what happens here. It's okay. It's okay on. So And there's there's this. There's movement movement happening right now. you know. Black lives matter, which is not a focal point in this show. But then from social media platforms in different different friends that I hear about there's also a portion of this is women are not being protected like they should They're not being looked when I mean in A. What does it cost over mystic type of way? Sh, overthinking chauvinistic type of way I'm talking about like if you see a woman being beaten in the street by dude. Go starting to do. Right and I I know that growing up. Even my mom kind of. She kind of waved off a little bit because she's like well, you know what situation that is, and you don't know if the woman's GonNa come back in and say that you're in the wrong. And now you assaulted somebody and I think that that that one sense that once thought has been has been preyed upon so often I don't want people to my business and you know. What whatever comes remorse or anything like that, but. I know that PTSD Israel, and here's my point. I know that is the Israel I know that woman women being assaulted whether it's sexually. Emotionally financial abuse. Emotional abuse whatever it is. It leaves a mark, and it leaves a mark so deep so hard. It's so tough that it takes years to just. Even try to sues. It takes years to try to soothe and it happens with women. It happens with children. It happens to men, but honestly men are one of the last. Last demographics to ever talk about it It's been a while, and we're just now opening up as soldiers talking about pt as the look at World War, one. World War Two the Vietnam. War and that's just wars that very. Prominent a prominent. Excuse me prominent. The Gulf War. War On drugs many wars. I thought there, but. The second thing that we wanted to speak about and I know that mark is going to keep me honest on time. IS A. Child. Child PTSD. and. That's also a very large prominent thing in Like is something I want to say is that you know mysteries I don't want to. You. Know try to interject you in this, but your children suffer PTSD and and your oldest child may suffer from PTSD during the time where you were going through your issues. You know. Like Absolutely you know, and so like even when I go through my PTSD, Septum sometimes to my children are there and and I. Hate it I hate it. Had View me or see me like that? That's why immediately went to get help you know. and. On the last show we mentioned children, and how the statistics are higher for children with PTSD because they don't know how to verbalize it. And Mr. Do you have any experience with children? As as as a daughter of a Vietnam. Veteran. Active! Though I watched the Vietnam War on television looking for my dad all the time. and. He has ptsd and I on, and he was very militant at home. And and Yeah I definitely. I used to call it the monster when it would come. And Yeah. They call that secondary PTSD and yes, my son, who is A. licensed. Marriage family therapist. He works with adolescence for with PTSD. and. He of course, other mental illnesses, but The end history, his own discovery Kaz part of being a therapist. You they have to do their own deep diving. Okay and that's when he discovered that he had secondary PTSD and I'm not surprised in breaks my heart. Die Exposed him, but I had no clue at the time. No Clue Emmy leave me I did everything in my power to get answers. Why is this happening to me? I think there's a lot of people out there because think of. Think of the ratio. Of people who go to seek help. And like back in the eighties when they said there's nothing wrong with you, right. Those people had children. You product of that those people had children, and they said there's nothing wrong with you, but there is. There was something that wasn't completely. Hold got you and so. Like, okay. Now those children having grown up because I'm, A. I'M A. Marquee is on the tail end of that with his young self. But. Like our parents did did a couple numbers on us, and they wasn't their fault, so anyone listening? Just realize like you could be a veteran. You could be someone who survived. Childhood Trauma. Like that like you could be on. Admittedly are unknown, annoying league harming in some type way shape or form your child. I mean so like. How about this? What are the signs and symptoms of some of the pizzas? The we have I'm looking at the less I was talking to you before, and this is actually for children this specifically for children, so I want to read these off really quickly I'm not going on too many of them, but intrusive thoughts or memories of the event that could be adults or Children, but remember children don't verbalize it the same way. An adult will so unwanted memories given that keep coming back, upsetting dreams and nightmares acting or feeling, as though the event is happening again Aka, flashbacks headache fear when reminded of the event feeling, jumping or startled.

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