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You'll seem to the stephen a smith show podcast twenty seven minutes past hour number one backhand stephen a smith show espn radio again congratulations isaiah thomas perform in the way he did for the lakers i'm still keeping my eyes on san antonio but what i'm seeing okc but when i'm seeing you got a lot of people that are stepping up about houston they think that the houston rockets can beat the golden state warriors i'm not sold on that yet i'm not sold on that yet if cp three was about five inches taller i would be but cp three is great greatest he has played the she is great as he has looked it's still a challenge to imagine him and james harden and being able to overtake go to stay worries it just is for me uh on a boston side again not the pd issue police department issue would red auerbach trying to on a red auerbach lem a tweet paul pierce had his jersey were tied yesterday post gate after the cavs blew out the go the boston celtics paul pierce deserved is jersey retied it was beautiful to see cagey rondo in doc rivers in attendance paul pierce is a future hall of famer don't you doubt it he is ladies a done without question i will say this stuff i did not like cnn ran alan absent from that ceremony he should have been there and less word got to him whether directly to paul pierce or through intermediaries their paul pierce did not want him in attendance ray allen should have been there.

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