Donald Trump, Dunblane, John Hickenlooper discussed on Tim Constantine's Capitol Hill Show


A little too young to drive feels like my my parents were driving managing cousins guy flying around and a helicopter looking for terrorist and he and he happens the tune into the old a station wagon while they're asking each other a kony little radio there's only thirty six channels so he's probably cruising the dial as they are known to do the dalai happen to stumble upon the the dial that we were on he stayed tunde play the some trivial pursuit with us so they're really happen but i thought it was appaled fictious strange family net that lies at strange things together is not nice in an odd way let this very nice my neck at upside but i'm sorry for bryant it's now it's it's it's okay brian accents all right thank you reshape other now although the protesting crowds were not as bad as they were on inauguration day the people kept up the the rhetoric saying that trump is racist against immigrants and impeach him so basically the basically the protesters had a very productive day yesterday sounded like sarcasm thrown in at the end um of course of what did they achieve nothing from its still dunblane did they achieve it now of course i did i oh yeah now the democratic governor of colorado john hickenlooper that's a nice last name grown up last name like it can lubar it'd be you wanna be misses it can mujber but a hickenlooper in phnom afraid of what the word actually veins you are he would show you have to the show it didn't libera whether or not but not rule out running for president in 2020 well i don't think i could vote for guiding him in and calling president it can lubar this name.

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