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Hey and welcome back to another Johnny Carson Show podcast. I really hope you're subscribing. We're going to have a lot of interesting guests and shows I have a great guest for you today but let me tell you a little over the show. Well Janis as his guests. The Wonderful Angie Dickinson. Who's been on the show many many times and she was a beautiful and a favorite guest of Janis Janis Ladies Monologue deals a little bit about Hollywood boulevard and And some funny stuff about Donny. Osmond and of course my favorite joke about Mickey Rooney getting married for the eighth time Johnny Always Enjoyed others that were married. Many Times says was he gets married three or four times himself during the panel. Johnny Eh discussed Los Angeles the some of the things you can do for free in La. So it's a great show. There's a lot of good back and forth between Johnny and Ed but today I've got a guest on and he is a veteran of the tonight show's done twenty one appearances as a comedian. Names Bobby Kelton. And he's a friend of mine known him a long time. He lives down here in Florida where I live and we got a chance to sit down and talk about well his memories and his first experiences and and what the tonight show meant to all of us as young Comedians so Here's my buddy bobby. Kelton and here's another show from July twenty seven th one thousand nine hundred seventy eight a welcome back to the Johnny Carson Show podcast. I luckily bumped an old friend of mine. Who started in comedy about well? Well before I did and we're in Deerfield beach and we're talking about his first appearance on the tonight show which is part of our show tonight. Do you remember how vividly do you remember what it was. Nineteen it was July twenty seven thousand nine hundred. Seventy eight seventy remember. Totally vividly interesting every tonight show I did I remember vividly the date guests the guests and everything so I ask every comic this when you watched your tonight show when you got home or wherever you went to watch it afterwards. Did you ever go. That's it I nailed it or did you always have second thoughts good question. I never was completely satisfied. Never I mean even when it was the alternate kill was just as great as anybody could imagine. I would pick it apart if you you know if if if I got applause like almost every line but one joke was and I wanted to ten scale and nine instead of ten or one word was I would just nitpick myself all night. I think that's all of us. I think we all tough on ourselves. I remember going back to the Improv. After you did the tonight show and they'd put it on the bar you ever have. That experience experiment did Yeah I did. It was fun because everybody would patch on. Whether you did pat off trip. You are on your way with it was Yeltsin Miyo trip and I generally really normally went home. I like to just like to watch it by myself at home at ten after twelve is whenever we would walk out record the show and wait for my phone and you know who the first one every spot to call me was even before my parents Jay Leno Oh no was right right there I call every time gala miscalculate spot J. J. Took a great pleasure. I remember I was on dance fever as a judge. You had to dance out jingles Schreiner. I I got you dancing out but You know so. Let's let's talk about that first moment so after you do it now. Johnny gives you the he gave you the thumbs up stuff and and then he he brought you back out for a curtain call which you don't see very often right. In fact I watched a lot of comics preceded me. I don't think I ever saw that so that was is pretty unique And I went finished and it was great and I was like on cloud nine and went behind the curtain. And the guy there station says he's calling you back account pushes me back through the curtain. Oh Shove your backup you. Look you know. That was always an awkward thing. You know W- whether Johnny's GonNa call me over the first time I knew he wasn't. Yeah well some people do well some people oh new there were very few that first time and there was always and I realize if you did if you're set went too long there was no time to come over about four or five shots and I realized realized we'll just do a minute less than you might good idea. Wish I had thought of that. Yeah so So yeah so they. They said he wants to go back out and And they just opened curtain curtain for me and I went out and took a bow which I when I see it I it still. Everything's amazing now when they went to commercial and those Johnny Johnny come back and say hello or shake or anything it was at just the end of it. Well Not Dan but after the show he would in fact whenever I did the show. If I didn't sit down on the couch I wait. You know in the hallway and he would come out and always shake my hand and say great spot. He'd kill you you knew. His newest is path and I waited. I waited and he would always be very nice complimentary and a couple of times. We Walk to our cars together in the parking lot which is pretty cool. Because you know you didn't get to see talked to him too much though too. He he was not as I tell people in this podcast he was not you know. Hey come in hanging your dressing room or before you might see him in makeup right or not you know. When did you see him ever before the show once and I think it was my first time might have been my second? He patient a hallway. And I wasn't a big Pacer Bob. I was just in the hallway. And he comes down and makeup and he's walking towards me and you can you imagine he's walking and he he shakes my hand and says I hope one of us is funny tonight so it you know you talk about breaking the ice I was so relax after that. He cracks me up and it was just perfect. I hope one of us is funny tonight. That's a funny. I got my manager but Robinson at the time was handling dock so johnny would come up and play poker there so bud. What's up and Johnny was never like friendlier? I've done the show. A dozen times are so unhappy but he was never like a guy like he just he was as funny as he was. I think he wasn't comfortable in with people right. So outside the show L.. And letterman was like that Letterman was happiest doing the show. Yeah so he never At the Poker Games said anything. No I didn't play poker. I just came up with their say much. No he sent one time. I did a joke that he didn't like it was a little bit. It wasn't off color but you know MacAulay and said yeah go for it. So then Johnny comes. Freddie comes in English County is a little upset about that sperm joke. He'd just done an art fern donkey. Dick Joe reminds me what happened to me. When MacAulay would clear everything breath go everything? And I have one joke and in the joke. I mentioned. It's going to sound pretty pedestrian today. I mentioned the word Nipple. And he's got a clear that with the sensors I mean can you imagine having today joke about erection and I think you know you hear that in the commercial every five minutes but that was a word that was not a provable way all right so he called me up sensors fine. You could say that we're nipple I go and I go home and it's the word is bleeped out called a call the next day. I said you clear it with a Sanchez. He said I know. But Johnny didn't like it and Freddie didn't like it so you kind of exasperated because you don't want Johnny to be upset anything thing but the censors said it was okay and yeah Jim McCauley. Who was the talent coordinator who who really worked with all the comics to make sure you know his and I? I'm sure you know this. But his his approach was. It's not about getting a laugh. It's about making Johnny Laugh. Exactly exactly in fact when you know so you know the the the big names like the robber client George Karl. I'm sure they didn't have to run any material by macaulay but guys like me. I'm not only did he have to come and see me at the club. Even bent on my fifteenth or twentieth time. He had to see it. You think by then he would let me go and many times I would just go into the office and do it for Macaulay and he would go every every line I did and he would say China will like that. I don't know if Johnny like that John you'll like it was every line was whether Johnny will like it not the audience. Yeah no I had experience errands because I did this joke about. I think I had my first homosexual experience. I did my wife's hair and it didn't kill in the clubs. But MacAulay loved he goes. Johnny's GonNa Scream but Jim Jim it doesn't get allow right. Maybe I don't want one laughed. So yeah you know I remember having to stand up Jim about this so now you do the tonight show us over the first first one. You're done you got a great response. What happens okay so after I finished After the show. You're all kind of in the hallway like I said Johnny makes his exit. Says you a great. Thanks and Peter Sally. The coke came up to me and I remember exactly vividly everything he said. First of all I said how old told you I said twenty seven. He said that's a good age. You're going to be able to handle what's coming towards you. I didn't know he was talking about being Deerfield Beach Coffee Shop in twenty twenty talking to you and then he said he said. Please don't do any other shows for the next few. We we want you to be our guy. He actually asked me not to do any of the shows and they brought me back if I was three weeks after my first one and three weeks after that three weeks after that I was on four times in three months. Slough out so yeah. 'CAUSE 'cause your first intro was not because Johnny love to say I'm this first comedian or this next next committee is making his debut. You've already done a couple of TV shows prior to that. I had like the comedy show. I had I actually did a merv Griffin the really interesting story story about that is a A month before the tonight show. I was on this show called. ABC Presents Tomorrow's Stars. I don't know if you remember that it was almost like. WHO's the forerunner to like the American idol star search contest and they searched all over the country for Comedians to go head to head and the head auditions from all over the country? And they finalize it me the and Greg Travis on the show that was two singers against each other to comics and I went on it was so one of the rules of the show was you had to be the the first TV. This show you ever did so when edition. Macaulay brought me into addition to NBC. For the studio with decorum in the room and they they love me. We want you on the show. NOPE and I had to turn them down. They wanted me the next week. I'm doing this show tomorrow. Stars and and the rule is it has to be my first show. I actually had to turn down the tonight night's show let's and so they were kind. They said Okay and they gave me a date a month later. Was that decision. You made or your agency listen you know it was. It was the rule of of the show. I was doing that rule but I mean but in your head you're going to say okay I'm GonNa pass on this show so I can do the tonight show. It was probably a big enough opportunity in a way I wanted to but it was. The show was a week later. I had been work. You know I mean. I couldn't cancel out even if I did want to but I spoke to macaulay the end Dakota but they were okay with it. You know for me. It was like. Are they doing the right thing. What if they change their mind? But I really didn't have much choice and today we're listening to your first tonight show Paris now. How was and you did? What twenty one of them's yes? So how was the twenty one the twentieth. How is it different when you were? You obviously had to be much more comfortable in the form. Good question great question. I'll tell you why it was. I was less comfortable. Well let me put it this way. I was more comfortable performing. But there's one thing as I went on and and maybe you experience this because you did a lot to you had to keep being as good good as everyone in other words you could have a drop off so my first one was unbelievable. First second third everyone was unbelievable. And and then I started worrying that That I had to keep what. What if this one is instead of a ten is only a nine which is silly that you have to worry about well? We're we're insecure people as as as as as as as Comedians so you think but yeah but the one two three was what they wanted to know yet. Three good ones and then you're right. Forth was more important that it was A. Yeah because the and by the fifteenth I was comfortable in that I was like a regular and Johnny like me but I felt more pressure that I have to be as good. It is all those first ten or twelve. I couldn't I could let my guard down and now ladies and gentlemen he Johnny Yeah.

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