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Senate Judiciary committee will vote as early or could vote as early as tomorrow on the cavenaugh supreme court nomination. Joined now by San Antonio. I news national correspondent Bill Zimper Bill. Let's start with possible obstacles not only might prevent a vote as early as tomorrow, but a confirmation at all Senator dick Durbin yesterday. Democrat Illinois all sides of story released two pages of emails from two thousand to that accuse Cavanaugh of misleading the judiciary committee back in two thousand six now, I'm not real good with math. I don't know if you know that or not. How do emails from two thousand two. Lead to misleading the judiciary committee four years after that. Well, here's what the situation is. And and first of all let me just start by saying your vote is scheduled for tomorrow, and the judiciary committee will there be a vote. No eight will be delayed for a week and Democrats will use that week to push forward. Charlie. The idea that Brad cabin may have committed perjury. And here's what it's all about back in two thousand and two when Cavanaugh was a member of the Bush administration, he allegedly received emails that were illegally obtained having to do with democratic strategy to oppose Bush judicial nominees in Senate hearings in two thousand four and two thousand six cabin denied receiving those emails or having knowledge of them. He did. So as well in the most recent hearings, he was involved in before the judiciary committee. So what? Now, dick Durbin has produced as apparently some evidence. That cavenaugh may have known about those emails and mayhem responded to those emails. So what they're saying. Now is he lied to committees in two thousand four and two thousand six and maybe in two thousand eighteen and the question is do we want someone on the nation's highest court who may have committed perjury in the past? Well, I have a bigger question. The emails were stamped committee confidential, which means they were not cleared for public release. Why were they publicly released? Well, that's that's been an ongoing dispute among the members of the judiciary committee. If you remember last week it was Cory Booker. Who said I'm some of these confidential memos and finally, then the committee said, well, you can't release them as confidential memos because we just cleared them. So this has been an ongoing dispute over some of these confidential documents now because the committee has labeled some of these confidential documents most recently as those that cannot be released. I we have a little bit of a maybe let's say a revolt going on among members of the committee as to whether documents should or can be released. So that's why we're getting those. Okay. Sorry to interrupt. Take off your national correspondent hat put on your Las Vegas, New Jersey bookmaker hat and gimme the odds that Cavanaugh is confirmed by Monday October. I think we've got a seventy thirty shot. He will be confirmed. It will go through committee next week without a problem eleven to ten party vote, then onto the full Senate where things could get a little bit Harry. You got some senators like Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, dean Heller who may vote. No. But then you got people like Heidi Heitkamp, Joe Manchin Doug Jones of Alabama who may boat. Yes. From the democratic side. So I think we will come out with a slim victory. I'm saying seventy thirty. All right. Sounds good to me national correspondent Bill Zimper latest on hurricane Florence.

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