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On the morning of April twenty first nineteen eighty the eighty fourth annual Boston marathon began in Hopkinton Massachusetts over five thousand runners in nearly half. A million spectators gathered for the big race about two hours. After the marathon began. The first runners began to finish. The first was as expected. The number one male runner in the World Bill Rodgers as he crossed the finish line. Rogers won his third straight Boston marathon with a time of two hours. Twelve minutes and eleven seconds twenty minutes later the first woman approached the finish line fans stood up expecting to see famed Canadian runner Jacqueline Garo instead. They saw an unknown runner that not even the most obsessive running expert recognized it was Rosie Ruiz. A twenty six year old administrative assistant from New York running in her second ever marathon. Ruis looked exhausted her arms flailing wildly as if she was swimming her way to the finish line when Ruiz crossed the finish line. The led timer listed her time as two hours. Thirty one minutes and fifty six seconds. She hadn't just won the race. She'd also set the fastest women's Marathon in American history. Ruis grimace and smiled. As she finished the race she had seemingly accomplished the impossible coming out of nowhere to win. The most celebrated long distance running event in the world. But it was all a lie. Rosie Ruiz hadn't set a record time. She hadn't even run the race..

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