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As he included his show. So we'll talk to Rafer Weigel about the latest from the judge. Yes, we will need a special prosecutor Rafer will be here also. We have rainy options, the president held up a little bit, and we're going to talk to who's a terrific columnist on national security for Bloomberg. He'll join us a little bit later on in the program. I'll ask him. I if he thinks the president of the right right thing and holding fire last night. I'm gonna play more of the president's comments. I must warn you ahead of time that I'm playing this off the Westwood One website on my magic box in front of me. And if they refresh, if they decide to refresh the audio stack while on planet, it will cut off. But here is the president who made a very, very wise decision. Mr President, sir. Why did you decide to hold fire? My do it live. I got it. I got it Mr President. Why did you decide to hold fire 'cause they came and they said, so we're ready to go with, like a decision. I said, I want to know something before you go. How many people will be killed? This case uranium. I said, how many people are going to be killed? I'd like to get back in that great people, these generals, they said came back, said, sir. Approximately one hundred fifty you know what I, I must say, give the credit credit where credit is due in my opinion. And he was somewhat of viscera did on certain conservative programs today, not only on cable, but on radio for holding fire. You know, a lot of conservatives say kill them all God sort about not third God. Our god. But the president of wives thing yesterday, number one. We've got these guys as somebody told me the other day. And I don't remember who has said this might have been Kensington, who said this whereas, we refer to, hey, what's up a congressman? He said we have their foot on. We have our foot on their neck. So why do we complicate things with a military strike when they just knocked unmanned drone out of the sky, and number two very, very, very politically astute, whether this was planned or just natural instinctive by the president. But it makes certain voting constituencies. Feel a little better about the guy since he held fire. I thought it was very, very wise. Nothing is green lighted until the very end because things can never gave a final no, no. We had something ready to go subject to my approval, and they came in, and they came in about a half an hour before this is so were about ready to go. I said, I want a better things in the air. We're playing out ready to go. No. But they would have been pretty soon. Don't. Interrupt the president Chuck Todd. But I, I must say, I thought that the president used a very good judgment last night as I was I went home. I made some popcorn sat down on the chair and my clicker ready for the lights over Taran and the president held up on this. I think that's a very, very wise as much as I love traumatic cable news and I'm getting very bored with the political news nowadays. So I was looking for something, but he held up in Donnelly, a smart move militarily in my opinion, and feel free to talk back at three one two five nine one eighty nine hundred thought it was very smart. Politically to today is the first day of summer. Welcome to summers, Chicago. I don't know if you saw on cable news today they had a bit of a mini ride over there in England at Stonehenge. I guess they have this regularly stone courses a monument. Bill on the alignment of the midsummer, sunrise, and midwinter sunset on the summer. Solstice the sun, rises behind the heel stone, which is the ancient entrance to the stone circle rays of sunlight or then channelled into the center of the monument. C E, N, T, R, E Zing Lewis to everything wrong. They drive on the wrong side of their own. They spell them it is believed that these solstices, sece's heaven Cal celebrated on at Stonehenge for thousands of years now, you might believe that there is only six thousand years old, but that was still be thousands. You're covered either way, the summer solstice takes place as one of the earth's poles has its matched them till towards the sun and the sun reaches its highest position in the sky. That's the real sky now Rupert Murdoch's network. This ensures the longest period of daylight north of the equator for the year. Unfortunately, what does that from his spinal tap? That's terrific crate, spinal tap tournament women listed a little head. I said, twelve feet Netflix inches. I said, twelve feet. Police arrested four people at Stonehenge today. One on suspicion of drunk driving a fifteen year old girl for being drunk into sorta only one indecent. Exposure, apparently took his clothes off a nineteen year old male on suspicion of criminal damage. He tried to analyze one of the stone Stonehenge us, and a forty five year old man was arrested on suspicion of common assault. They did that ten thousand people there today. So I think four or five arrests that's not bad. One regular group of visitors to Stonehenge every year. Has been the Neo pagans including people claim to have resurrected, the ancient practices of the Celtic druids in eighteen seventy visitors started going to the monument from nineteen zero five the ancient order of druids carried out modern druid rights at the site. They did today that was permanent and allowed, by the way. In the nineteen seventies, the druids unfortunately were joined by members of the new age movement. Whatever that is. And they held an annual free festival, and then things get out of hand. So then there was a high court injunction than eighty-five, banning anybody from celebrating on the site of Stonehenge six hundred people were turned away the next year prompted violent clashes with the police known as the battle of the bean field wasn't there, a movie here in the states that had the bean field as a title. I don't think.

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