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Ziprecruiter the smartest way to hire so brandon's coming back to play tonight after as we've established the two concussions got in two few weeks last month who makes that decision well ultimately the doctor has the first call. The consultant has the first call to say you are cleared to play and once that determination is made then he passes out along to the team Brandon's cleared. He's able to play. The team can certainly have some mm input to say you know what yes. The doctor says you're physically healthy right now but we wanna get you back up to speed in game shape before we put you back out on the field in Brandon's ends case. He got a full week of practice last week so he was part of the full team activities he practiced he knows the game plan. And everything else so from their perspective perspective. Once he got cleared he was no different than than any other player right. And this wasn't a decision that brandon made on his own. He actually went to see a a specialist in Pittsburgh yes he did and that was on his own. The player always gets treatment in in his home city But because of the frequency frequency in mid because of his more serious issue brandon in his wife did did travel to Pittsburgh to consult with with a specialist not team employees. Not Somebody who the RAMS TMZ usually consult with even and we should also point out that there's only so much a team or the League can do to prevent a player from playing if he wants to the Rams uh-huh can't look at ran and cooks and say you know what Brandon you've had four concussions in the last twenty eight games. We don't think you should play that. The uproar that that would caused is that the players association would get involved. They literally. There's only so much that they can do they. They sit back. They get their input from the doctor. They get their input put from Brandon and and if those two on the same page then they say okay. You're you're able to pay and again based on the overwhelming number of of of players who I've dealt with if they get the thumbs up from Dr They want to get back on the field five minutes ago now. Brandon didn't get into a lot of the details of about about what he was told but he. He made it clear to us when he talked to reporters that he was comfortable that his wife was comfortable. Now learn You know concussion is a case by case thing and to be able to go there and get some information from Dr Collins in Pittsburgh I think was extremely helpful and whatever it was that he heard there made him think that he's he's not particularly susceptible to long term problems that he's able to heal from these concussions quickly. It's a blessing that don't now. I have symptoms through but at the end of the day once again. I think it's one of those things that's a case. By case thing I mean mine is very unique and he made it pretty clear to us that from his perspective perspective he was an outlier said. His wife sat through those meetings. Also seeing her comfortable going to those means me being at ease is such a blessing awesome. Because when you go home that's when you deal with the most as far as questions asked so. She's the Sierra accountable and Sierras concern is definitely helpful again me through this time for sure when he talked about it. He wasn't dismissive or or anything like that to to reporters questions but but he got he got asked some very pointed questions about. Are you concerned earned. Have you thought about retiring. And he was very forceful very direct in saying nope. I did not think about that. I'm not concerned I'm ready to come back back. And I was frankly a little taken back. I talked to a lot of players over the last. You know fifteen years or so and when you talk talked players whether it's hockey players or football players the the sense I've I've gotten is is most of them realize that they're taking a risk. Yes I know Oh my future might be impacted by this by. It's a chance that I'm willing to take because I love playing the sport because I love the financial security the comes with it and being able to take care of my family. What I heard from from Brandon was just more of kind of defiance and that just it hit me a little weird? And what about. What about Sean mcvay? What about his coach? Is he concerned. I wanted to know that. And and even before we talked to brandon I I asked John Directly I said. Are you concerned about this. Just on a human level never mind the football. Never mind the fact that he's a player. Who you value? Are you worried worried about this guy you know. I think I don't think he would go back out on the field if he was worried about that You know football is a physical game and sometimes those collisions rich are inevitable you hate talk around it. A little bit and said the Brandon felt comfortable and essentially that if brandon felt comfortable that he felt comfortable. I don't I think he would go back out there if he felt like that was on his on his mind. And I think that he's really chomping at the bit excited to go. So Sean really in the end didn't answer the question about how he felt about the situation but I I don't necessarily expect a coach to to answer that honestly at least not in a public forum. It would've been very unusual for coach to sit there and say yes. I'm worried yes. I'm not sure that that brandon should come back and play. Even if he has those thoughts in the back Qabus head. I wouldn't necessarily expect him to express those publicly. I feel like these. Conversations are always difficult because like brandin cooks as an adult. And he's got all the right in the world to choose to come back after all these concussions and you know he has the right to his medical privacy and I think the I thought that I had when I read your column and then I saw that he was coming back was what the contract situation but we. It's not even that right like he signed his contract last ear and he's pretty financially settled for the next five years. That's right that's an important distinction. Fifty million dollars in guaranteed money over five years or so even if brandin cooks never played another football game. I don't think he would be any type of financial peril and which just to be really clear about this. You're I'm not suggesting that anything underhanded is happening here. Nobody's doing anything wrong here. Everybody is following the protocol. That's been set in place and and for all practical purposes when Brandin cooks returns to the field He's he's healthy and he's no more susceptible to a concussion than than any of his teammates. Sir Or anybody else on the other side line. There's just there's something that feels a little bit different when when we're talking about these head injuries because of the long term Impact right and finally How how are the rams doing like how important is brandin cooks to the rest of the ram season? The very important. It's it's he's he was a big part of what they did last year in in getting to the super bowl and the rams as they go into tonight's game they're six six and four they. If the season ended right now they would not be in the playoffs and that's a huge surprise because they were expected to be one of the top teams in the NFC so they. They have not matched expectations the season and in particular. They have not matched expectations on offense that high scoring high flying offense that they had in two thousand seventeen in two thousand eighteen struggled for a big big part of the season and a lot of that is the passing game and a lot of the passing game has to do with Brandin cooks so him. Not Being in some of these games or being in and out of the lineup. has made a huge impact on that rams team. Thank you so much for joining us rich. All right thank you for having me. You can read rich Hammonds column about Brandin cooks on the athletic dot com and here are some other stories. We're following at the lead steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph had a pretty rough weekend on Saturday. He was fined fifty thousand dollars for for his role in his team's now infamous brawl with the browns then on Sunday. Tailgating browns fans mocked Rudolph by swinging football helmet at a Mason Rudolph Pinata data though the swing. I saw the Internet not particularly impressive hours later the struggling. QB was benched during Pittsburgh. Sixteen ten victory over the winless bengals the good news. You'll have a shot at redemption this Sunday when the steelers host the browns in a game that will certainly get a lot of attention. Even Washington's victories come with some seriously seriously laughable moments rookie dwayne Haskins picked up his first win as an NFL starting quarterback yesterday but missed the final play of the game. A victory kneel down and because he was busy taking a selfie with a fan coaches scrambled to find Haskins who later admitted his blunder but were forced to insert backup. QB case case keenum to drain the vinyl seconds on the clock. The Athletics Grant Paulsen caught up with the fan at the center of the Selfie. Snafu who said quote he was about to win his first. NFL Game. And I guess he just wanted the game to be over so he could spend time with the fans and celebrate. I mean I don't know about you unders but maybe it's the millennial in me. I think that's just adorable mm-hmm. It's pretty cute. Finally the Athletics Twenty ten decade in Review Kicks off today with team by team breakdown of the NBA Wmba and college basketball players. The last ten years series continues through Wednesday with other sports leagues including the NFL College Football Major League baseball the NHL Soccer and more check it all out on the aplastic dot com from wondering and the athletic. I'm under skelter and I'm Cathy Davidson see tomorrow..

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