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Dot com slash it and the de Valera tax compliance done right give it a look I did I like them good stuff yeah but hey we have our final three contestants and contestant number three here in the drake contest fun show so far we have the team behind St beat Nina and Megan how are how are you doing thank you for hanging out with a surprise your next us we're fantastic awesome but streep he wasn't that on the break into electric blue soundtrack no no streaky was from wonder shows insecurity repeat and I don't know I mean that's kind of a fan words she'll be you immediately think it's music but it's street beat because it's creative begin street food no I guess talk to what is taught creative Vegan street food I guess he's blaming me weren't they the ones that went to Nancy whiskey and we did have a series of air at the summer crowded out our event Jerry you're are very good destroyed we all I believe that just doc was because there was this crazy day where we came in and they were like by the way there's this other event here and they were standing over our table going you're not eating get out of here beat it or your those it guys we felt real comfortable let's just get out of your goes well apparently were just drinking all the West he sorry the first points to make when it means needing your own space for a very specific reason oh for sure yeah but it was packed out the door people now how did you guys get other than being Vegan yourselves how did you guys get the inspiration to creating a creative Wisconsin good questions unless you for hanging out through all the crap we gave you pre show we really liked it challenge and talking to people who aren't vegans because we like to explain how non begins can enjoy what we do as well but basically how we got started we've been for a long time and we both really enjoyed cooking the other and we kind of shared passion for beginners them and especially knowing that there was kind of a last of Vegan options in our city we wanted to change that and we came together to Create Vegan options that we really wanted to be eating and thought that everyone should have the instigate yet you're like by and large when people think Detroit they think Barbecue Coney burgers like yeah so what are some examples some of the streets were dishes you make everything from the fried chicken vegan crunch traps nachos don't stop right there he can fried chicken walk me through that super controversial because it by definition cannot be chicken but it so that's the thing that's why victory call it big chicken for a reason she's we it's totally not said begin fried chicken what I mean it's fake fried chicken and our whole goal it's a present something that can really replace or replicate that same craving that you're having and do it in a way that is like not hurting animals not hurting the environment or looking to replicate something that can fulfill that craving in a way that's I don't know it's and sustainable Oh and it's delicious no matter what no matter what your diet is no matter what your preferences it's really the goal the have everybody come into the same together and enjoy this comfort food as one and have it not really reflect whether or not you have an allergy or anything no we talked about this pre show and bring it up because it's me you know we do a David I did a side podcast called worst meatball sandwich ever where we made one star yelp reviewers and we would get some route one star yelp reviews or bad couple couple they're buddies beats at a couple of bad but then we found to Vegan restaurants that existed in Metro Detroit and it was twelve fourteen pages of reviews like we like we like we were like a this is a gold mine but my God the poor owners of these places I mean I'm not saying are you ready for the onslaught but I guess you know obviously you know they exist but I guess what are you doing to either a combated obviously running good food output be you know I guess talk to me about your thoughts are just on I'm trying to understand controversy the topic suren yeah so I do have to say that begins or a very hard crowd to please but as begins we understand that they're arraigned uh of like aspects to providing food that is accessible for everybody and you can't always please everybody but all you can do is to your best so we try our very best to create food that is good for people who you know they're trying to consume less meat or they're they can't consume dairy or they're gluten intolerant or they just don't want to impact the environment in the way that traditional meat and dairy products to and you can't always please everyone but we do our very us to communicate with our fan base or our customers or however you want to call it and just be conscious and aware of what people want to be eating and doorbuster replicate that in a way that is like environmentally sound it's definitely a challenging like we will create a new that we think is very well rounded and we'll have that one person who comes and it's like well there's not enough swipe free options and we believe that once we have our own facility in our own space will be able to to really grow past what we're capable of doing now in spaces or were sharing and we're renting and were have very limited resources once we have our own brick and mortar we can relate to happen to like all of the allergens and we assume like where you guys are operating currently yet of where we currently operate a third street bar in midtown we rent their whole kit Chen so it's it's really great because we don't have to lug are lug our equipment all of our food from one place yeah yeah I mean so we used to cook everything out of our home kitchens and load up our cars every day and drive to whatever space would be willing to host us and now we at least have the opportunity to keep all of our seven one space do all of our shopping keep all food there and hosts out of one location but it's still limits us in some way or another where we aren't able to fully cultivate what we believe in and what we want to share we just we know that we could do so much more and offer so much more with the ability to like build our own space around all of our own beliefs there's just there's a lot more is a non Vegan I'm just curious to like it almost sounds like every dish almost needs to be custom or asking dietary restrictions will you're asking then you're as what people are into environment you know is it is it gotten to that point where you're almost like finding out what matters most to them mm-hmm and then kind of creating a dish or your try are you trying to make things that are going to please the most people is that makes sense totally makes sense what you're saying and actually it's like we you feel like what we're creating is so accessible and so- desirable to a wide variety of consumers where like we aren't really catering to one person like it feels like at least seventy five percent of the people who come to our pop ups don't have dietary restrictions or they're carnivores completely but they really interesting interested in support being local business or they just really like what we're doing and they enjoy the food that we're making so it doesn't feel like it's limiting really anybody so although we like really I try to offer those alternatives as a whole it feels like we're pleasing a wide honestly like that's what we noticed about the yelp reviews that we were talking about is is okay they've got the they've got one two three four and five but not six one-star why was and interject on the whole yelp thing with small businesses is that you know it doesn't take much for a star to fall when it happens when people talk about things and you can have an Vegan restaurant world you can have fifteen carnivores that are gonna be angry about the fact that somebody serving Vegan food and it so we I think that most often people who are really conscious of independent retail have to take those stars with those you understand the entire point of that podcast was openly mocking those people. I did not understand that podcast I don't do not is that Oh yeah had nothing to do with it yet no no worse meatball sandwich ever was designed to openly mock those people that we spent the at that was they had one two three four and five but not there was a cold now there's another podcast I found that was kind of our thing that was called beach to Sandy the same principles apply Travel Resorts oh well the bar was too crowded or there wasn't enough parking or this or that and it's like those are adversities that we are facing that are affecting our brand because we are using other airport episode yeah that's what we we actually we did a three episode about an about the airport so what we actually had two to three part episode because we found that people were leaving the airport bad reviews because of the Airlines they're leaving the airlines bad reviews because of the restaurants they were leaving the restaurants battery us because in the parking at the airports really yes out of your own death part about it was they gave it to him it didn't tell them and Mark Cuban takes a bite and they go what you just ate was not checking those one hundred percent Vegan I gotta Cubans mouth is no shit like ordered wasn't you know people like that wasn't me are you serious are you sure and that's yeah that's the goal is like we we're not trying to convert anybody trying to show you that like you can heads at three p Detroit three Detroit on facebook and it is a play on words a little bit we create Vegan street food so it's St beat but his B the era t like the vegetable so street beat Detroit Dot Com streep beat Detroit.

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