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No your advertising to ralph kramden who has an idea for a kennel but her and doesn't want to pay an attorney that's who they're advertising too oh man it is not serious business people were serious about their business can you read hastings invented net flicks now can you imagine if he went to george foreman's whatever it's called invent help you imagine you went there with that idea what might have happened a net flicks there's maybe they're all attorneys and they're wonderful but my guess is if they were that wonderful they wouldn't have to run ads well i was assuming that that invent help would what set you up with a well why are we we we just that were just revealed a lot about you you said well i'm assuming that no you don't assume anything not yeah you don't assume the thing is is that if if if i submitted to them i submitted to them i was thinking that they were going to get to a patent office or to say okay you got tried the i'm gonna send it to a patent office somewhere in washington dc to to to have your your your pan protected and this and that but they they don't like you know they don't they're not upfront which you like you said before that you need a patent attorney to to do there are people out there ooh who just think that inventing products is like buying a powerball ticket you.

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