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Think their defense is still mystery. their offense is going to be fine. I mean they're going to be one of those teams that scoring thirty five forty points a game. You just book that where they defensively you know i. They play minnesota team that I was impressed with all things considered i. I haven't heard. I don't know if you've heard mohamed. Ibrahim it's if he's okay or if he's if he's out i don't know but man i just i knew about in last year but if you wanna fall in love with the running back that's the guy to do it. I mean in the minnesota old school style so higher states defense will be tested a secondary which was their achilles heel year ago. They have they have more players. They're young they're athletic. You can see the skill but they're still out of place and vulnerable and so i don't know who could play them. They could test that and really challenge it. But that's what. I think separates ohio state right now is just until they start to play. Better defensively They're there to me. That's the theory they gotta get better so herbie miami gets blown out. Clemson loses north carolina team with a lot of hope from people gets beat by virginia tech Not a hot take care by the end of the year because you're so good at keeping things balanced by the end of the year. What's our conversation about when it comes to how strong the acc is this here. North carolina. i think I don't know if they were you again. Did they read their press clippings. It's very different for team. Like north carolina or a team like cincinnati or a team like iowa state to be kind of in the in the teens or twenties and a ranking and last year playing with a chip on their shoulder. we'll show them and everybody gets mad and college. Football believe it or not. That is huge. When you feel disrespected and it's easy to kind of go out and we'll prove it to them kind of thing. Okay you did. Congratulations now you come back in twenty twenty one. Now i was. State's preseason top ten. How are they gonna handle now. Every team they play once a piece of them. They're not sneaking up on anybody same with cincinnati and the same of course with north carolina. There preseason top ten teams. everybody not clemson not miami. Every team they play wants to show that they can beat north carolina. It's a different kind of pressure and it just looked like north. Carolina had a little bit of a deer in the headlights. And they're playing again at lane stadium in the opening week justin hamilton. The defensive coordinator had the hokies flying around. And i as a guy who loves the game. I love seems virginia tech. Get back to being. Virginia tech a little bit so yeah. It was north carolina. I think we'll be okay. Hopefully they learn from from that lesson but it was great to see the hokies. Come back but you're right. Not a great opening weekend for the acc on the big stage with miami alabama clemson and georgia it. At least we saw clemson compete at least last night. you know. We saw florida state by the way. really compete. That was my take away from that. Was congrats the notre dame but while florida state full stadium. Mackenzie milton coming in jordan travis. Defense had some athletes. It was some energy in the building. They haven't had that my four years. So i they see. Let's not have an overreaction to they're overrated. Or i think i think they're seeing for the state and virginia tech and nc state. Maybe there's more depth to the ac and then we realized but miami's got regroup obviously and and we'll what louisville by the way does tonight. You know they're playing an sec. Teams in ole miss. So hopefully they'll go out and compete as always you guys can watch them on game day. It was awesome to see the crowd. They were on fire this week. Kirby enjoy ames iowa next week going to be a big one. There's always we appreciate your time my friend. Thanks for hanging out with us you. You've got great catching up with the. Don't forget we got the the cherry on top of the weekend. Tonight recently are here With molly mcgrath in atlanta. I'm looking right now. Outside downtown atlanta we got like i said ole miss and and nc state tonight. I think it's it's seven thirty so one more game. This all started when thursday felt like a month ago but we got one more game tonight before we get ready for week two and the nfl starting on absolutely guys want to check that out tonight on. Espn appreciate herbie. let's get one thing straight. There's no one dedicated to getting it. Done like cross country mortgage. They've got the best closers in the game. Full stop. who else do you know that can close a home in twenty one days or less with the team chemistry the cross country mortgage loan officers have a home owning win. Couldn't be more certain we're talking every type of loan reynaud refi jumbo.

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