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Keep your comments coming. Love extreme stream team okay. Final series here for our for us to predict here on on the drop podcast still. Yeah sixers hearts The one five matchup sixers series two games to one dominated the last two meetings actually winning by a combined. Sixty six points both of those coming at the wells fargo center phillies loan loss to the hawks game in january. So i think that was a game. The sixers were missing. Eight guys like health and safety protocol. I don't think simmons plate anyway. Game one sunday hawks six abc. Yeah that's right one pm eastern keys to the series. I'll just start because it's the number one to the city dwelling beat health. But how healthy is he is playing. Because if he doesn't completely changes the complexion of this matchup the sixers. I saw shuman with this stat. Thirty and six when they're full. Starting lineup were playing and one of those losses was game four against washington when embiid didn't play after the first quarter so let's call it maybe thirty one and five continues to play and they probably win that game. So it's huge. I don't think the sixers win the series with joel embiid. Because i believe in the hawk at least that much and i think they're that good. They're playing with house money. At this point they're loose. No one's picking them to win again. Most people weren't against the next. So i just think it'd be put so much pressure on a cappella and a call on to get them in foul trouble. He lives at the line easy points but if he doesn't play because of the need then man then it's more of a coin flip to me. So that's the that's the key. And i don't think we really know the answer to that right right now as of recording this on friday. I think they're hoping he'll play right task. But who knows a giant dude that a could play like we just saw. The anthony davis lands awkwardly. And then he's out for the season series against so that's massive to me. But i don't maybe you disagree that the sixers couldn't they couldn't win even if he didn't play does anybody who disagree with that. I think the sixers could win without embiid. Yeah i think. I mean starting with The fact that they're able to guard trae young with ben. Simmons that's gotta be so so different than the knicks series. Who are giving them. A lot of space and taj gibson was dropped him back. I think i mean that would be a lot on joel. Embiid if he comes out and plays and they get him involved in the pick and roll. I think to be up to. Ben simmons really to to get out there and scramble back so joel embiid king can fall back himself in. Stop clint cappella. Dwight howard healthier and better suited to do that right now. But either way simmons out there on trae young. He's going to take this extremely personally. He keeps on call himself defensive player of the year. He's going to do a really good job on trae young and it's going to be up. I think to the other hawks to make up for what trae young isn't able to do in terms of setting guys up big pressure on bogged down bogdonovich. But i think the simmons defense just takes away clint cappella to a degree because the center. Whoever it is if it's dwight or dwelling beat can drop back but same is not going to allow that space that the the knicks you just saw trae young he he definitely perused into the lane a little too much just too much and they dropped in. They put taj gibson in there and he was he was a fallback guy and embiid. I worry almost that if he does play. It's just so much to ask. He'll probably play like taj gibson. Did but ben. Simmons will be out there. And it'd be a lot different than reggie bullock. So that's a good could pick them apart as well if they decide to fall back in that coverage but it's it's hard not to really believe in who doesn't have a lot of offensive responsibility. I guess it goes up with joel. Embiid is out though. So that's yeah. That's a huge huge question. Mark whether it be plays. I think he tries to fight through. I think there's this was his season. He wasn't every p. candidate. I think we'll see him out there when this thing gets going but how long it's totally fair. Who the heck knows that trey. What's your key to the series. Well skates you're right embiid's health as the number one key to the series of one hundred percent. The sixers win this series pretty easily. I think but it does not look like he's going to be one hundred percent. We have no idea what's going to happen. We have no idea even going to play people in the stream team or suggesting perhaps the sixers keep them out until they lose again. That could certainly happen given a little bit more rest. But it's a huge unknown. That's why tobias harris is mo- verney keenum in this series because he might have to be the seventy sixers leading score. We don't know what we're getting from. Bead simmons is unreliable as a scorer at least coming into the series. I think tobias harris has to be an an offense of hub for the sixers. It's going to be nice up. I think he'll have deandra hunter on them a little bit. I think you'll have john collins on them a little bit. They did a great job on. Julius randle forced them into a lot of isos played physical and just made every possession tough. It felt like randall was taken forty. Eight dribbles every single time. He had the ball. Harris is certainly more skilled score than randall. He.

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