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So. . The reason that it's been another several weeks for this episode to come out is that My my mind is occupied with a lot of things and the things I talk about here on the show. . You know I'm. . A one those things to matter to you. . And as I'M As a not out and about that much right now, , like we most of us are. . Ages takes a bit longer for something to come along that matters. . That matters to me and I matters to you. . So I came across this topic of UFO's. . To you because they do matter to me now I'm of course, , I'm not talking about flying saucers. . which might exist but I guess they're rarely in them know that you said I'm talking about our socks. . scarfs. . Or sweaters. . Okay. . Hear you being puzzled ufo is a term that I learned from come and it's a term from knitting. . And it stands for unfinished objects. . And it's something that every nigger will. . Now you start a pair of socks and you run out of patience or. . Out of time or out of inspiration for whatever reason, , you end up putting it to the side. . And you might start a new project. . You have just. . Created. . A UFO an unfinished object. . And sitting there. . And maybe a few weeks or months or years later, , you get back to it. . And you continue where he left off or you abandon it, , that's always a possibility. . and. . The thing that matters in the context of this episode is that I realize more and more how these strange times are shaping the future. . And not just in a bad way I mean. . Where masks we'll protect others and it will help you can help protect you. . Our Future is changing right now big time. . So a virus comes around and everything changes change changes. . For. . Many of us. . Changes. . Discomfort. . And Discomfort can make us curl up in a corner. . or it can make us change something ourselves. . Maybe. . The way we react or maybe the way we think and. . Out of this change in this discomfort. . For me came this whole shift to the production side of things. . You looking possibly looking at the video version of this right. . Now, , this has really been a dramatic change at the the necessity has accelerated the change in a way that. . Yeah I've I've not experienced that often in the past. . and. . I want to give you another example of that up again, , another project if talked about in the past. . And that's the project started. . After mid March and that's pick one photo. . Which is where we're talk with photographer is about to photos and we discuss photos and it's free and it's pick one photo dot com. . I look and just out of luck and release that first video episode. . On May, , the second twenty twenty. . And I think for me that kind of marks a turning point. . It's almost exactly six weeks after everything came down after by workshop and my travel business evaporated and. . I finally realized that it needed to do something, , but you know the truth is. . That project was already there pick one photo was a year old at that point I had the website ready. . The concept. . Even, , online already you you could give could have gone at Christmas time. . You could have gone to pick one dot com. . You would have found the almost exact same website that you find today minus all the videos on it. . Had you known the address you could have found it in May. . One, , thousand, , nine, , thousand, , nine, hundred. , . And told anyone about it because. . Because the only thing that was missing was. . Content, , the scaffolding was. . I've already put work into that. . Even. . The photos were already there the selection of photos. . Those are I have put any new photos up there. . If if you look those those photos are from May Twenty nineteen and before there's no current photos on there. . And then. . And then that's when I set up the first bunch of video recordings. . When Kobe hit. . Not right away but. . Fairly soon and yeah that felt really good. .

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