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Freaking now on the mike gallagher show story out of saint louis and if you're listening if you hear us on twelve sixty am the answer in the st louis market a st louis judge has found former police officer jason stockily not guilty of first degree murder order in the two thousand an 11 shooting death of a black motorist named anthony lamar smith now i got a note from a friend of mine and st louis the community is on edge the national guard has been called in there are extra police there's an extra police presence be caused there's possible unrest as a result of the judge's ruling lien and just moments ago the judge did find this former officer not guilty of firstdegree murder uh stockily at the time of course was a st louis officer there was a police chase back in december of two thousand and eleven stockily pleaded not guilty he said he acted in self defence the verdict was handed down activists have said they are planning mass protests if stockily is not convicted i i've been reading about the the motorist wife are his it was his fiancee kristina wilson held a press conference this week with the governor of missouri shane however it does please i ask for peace and so i'm praying for we should pray for the community of st louis this as it responds to all of this and deals with the not guilty verdict this happens over and over again prosecutors seem to uh overreach in a in trying to charge a police officer with a crime when somebody is involved in a police shooting yesterday the nypd a released its first ever bodycam video footage and i that's that's to me is shocking i didn't realize and i guess a make i mean what once i when sudan's news revealed by like oh yeah that's true that's the first ever release of bodycam video that showed up a fatal shooting i think it was in the bronx some guy in his room with a knife in one hand in a toy gun in the other ernie was you know lunged at the officers and they had to shoot him and they released that bodycam video and the police union doesn't like it well it seems to me these bodycam video tapes exonerate the officer wayne more than not sending out we'll keep you updated on the story out of st louis more coming up eight hundred six.

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