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The florida example is perfect. Showing arkansas me everybody not you. I'm going to sell them well. Yeah our cell. Also i mean when you got lawrence yes awesome. That's okay but there's two teams on this list. That plato this weekend so you got to choose one or the other. Are there any other three games on this list. I feel i just. I want to michigan rutgers. A i want to get away. Sometimes you got to to saying that now. Soft cell named band own mass. By sorry by i'm selling alabama's done by forty points and then we're going to be like oh we're allies really good until he's not. He's until he's he's elite until he's not he he could show him throw five. Interceptions is ceiling. Braces ceilings higher. Spencer's sam's they're all higher. He's up there right now. Though in the heisman contender. Sure for sure. yes for now sure. It's week three and september you buying cincinnati three. Go exactly down the list. We'll forget board advocate exactly down list. It's unreal how we're fighting right now. Also oregon is a is a hard by from everybody who still oregon by somebody. I walk michigan and georgia hard. I'm buying oregon because pac twelve is awful outside of them you. By ourselves oregon. I sold them hard. Why are just. Don't see it from them. Why did you grit your teeth like that. But i'm so wrong. Because i thought they were gonna lose like i think there's some some of these buys and sells on from me on this list. They're gonna look really stupid. Because i really thought ohio state was gonna take it to oregon and they didn't and then but let's be honest so they probably have the best resume right now they'd be fresno state. Who's very good team. Yeah and then. They beat ohio on the road. So like if you had to do the college football playoff today. There might number one organ. I'd say the top resumes. Right now are oregon alabama alabama iowa iowa and one just flashed in my head. I had fuck. Who was it. I guess georgia. Yeah georgia's george fisher. George penn state penn state so because auburn and wisconsin state is terrific one yes it was national. Tv reno cincinnati. No no i gotta buy them. I'm gonna go with them to even though i hate them. I think we're going to feed it. I mean you can't rule that out. Now i guess not especially because i really interested me coming back. They know i'm buying. I'm buying of one in that half. You can't just let me talk you out of it. Yeah he did well. You didn't talk me out of it. Because i already. I already tweeted again. Intoxicated tweeted. I thought they were going to go into feed it. The only team left on the schedule. That i think they won't beat or could potentially not beat is notre dame buying cincinnati and. I'm really impressed what they did on saturday. Indiana's a good team and they were down fourteen. Nothing and had everything go wrong. But luckily they also could have been down twenty-eight nothing but they came back and fought back. And we're like no. We're the better team second half and they do like i. I was really impressed by them. All right we'll have go quickly more quickly on his back here. Are you buying or selling kentucky cell by cell. I'm hard i am. I'm buying whatever you guys put in the market to buy kentucky ten and two at worse kentucky Three texts. I am you buying or selling by by slightly by. I buy big big big bang. Cal zone is great. I'm buying big because another team that we've kind of they have the bad game colorado. We like it should be acceptable. We like it doesn't happen but teams but teams have all right. Yelled at the moment was embarrassed. No yeah it was a bad games game but also like let us not forget understand that this happens to more teams than just mind but the freshman quarterback that was qb one got hurt in the middle of that and then had to have a kid who came in who had no business playing football that weekend. He got a good couple weeks now before arkansas. He had a game where they could have. One by one hundred. He got some reps in. I still think everybody who's deeming me and tweeting at me. About how bad am is because of that. Colorado game can fuck off. Because i think it's going to be great season by great. We're saying you'd purchase them or were you like it's gonna be great season by both okay. Three and bisexual three and also speaking of sexual baylor three. No baylor sell solid baylor texas state if you don't know don't say but what's a spread whereas them in iowa state this weekend where it's eight and a half i think where's the game is in waco six and a half that's okay. I thought it'd be a lot bigger. That makes sense. I i think that makes sense. So i'm going to wear it this weekend. Probably did you see my peter malarkey. I did and so did mine. It was a nice little package on our desks. I say we save it for when we go to college station. Yeah although i got a couple of whether down there. Oh it's definitely going to be cousy whether i am. Praying is going to be one. It's going to be wonderful. So and also i have to compliment you. You did a fantastic more. Add on the instagram account. Look great you look fantastic. So peter millar. Everybody knows they're great golf brand there super comfortable but right now. They've they've just up their game. They've up their game a hun- major college in this country fifty one hundred fifty customer and i am i am stuff is so cute and so comfortable i wanna sleep in it. I don't call them onto you. Do call a comfortable. It's ridiculous and it's handsome. I look good and some you. Did you look very good. Investment banker very slimming. I would say why somebody will good credit. Yeah you do you did. I mean look really nice. You'll carry handsome Out your tux. I'm married i know. I'm sorry. i sometimes forget. They have cleaner sales for both men and women the entire family. Ready whether your tailgating you're on the golf course. You're sitting at home. Whatever they have lightweight polos too comfortable. Second layers.

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