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Am my peaches out in your. Way from California do you hear that? That is an artiste. That's cooking. That is Justin Bieber. The introduction to peaches at the 64th Annual Grammy Awards, which happened last night, Sunday Night in Las Vegas, Justin, trying to let you know, he's a man now. He's a grown-up. He's a serious artist, capital S capital a, RT, IST. Justin Bieber is not going to show up at the piano just anywhere, but he is going to show up at the Grammys. We're going to talk about the show and my brief hot take before I introduce everybody is it's not as bad as I feared, but we're going to get into specifics of why I am joined by the critical gang John Perez chief pop music critic of The New York Times. I wasn't more critical larger than The New York Times. Hi, everybody. Lindsey Zola's beloved pop music writer. Hello. Hello. Still awake. Okay. There's a lot, okay. Look. Do I really want to be here? Okay, I want to, before we start, before we get into it, I want to open with a question that I hope everybody has an answer to. And this is important. Quickly, without thinking, name one John batiste song that's not freedom. We are the best song on the album. Wesley, that's not my whole joke. That's not my whole thing. That's all right. Okay, John batiste won album of the year. Wesley, since you have volunteered yourself. Okay, let's keep it a buck. Joe also wanted everybody to know that he's protesting the Grammys from this point forward because they bear no connection to actual lived music culture. Wait a minute, why is he starting now? Yeah, exactly. I mean, I said that Joe, I said to him earlier today, he has arrived at the kind of like uncanny valley of Grammy perspective where I think we have all reached maybe at different phases in our careers. The best part about that is when you come out, your brain is totally smooth. And you no longer feel any stress or pain. So that's kind of where I'm living, but Joe is like deep in the hole right now. I'm kind of with Joe. You're still there. You're still living there. But you can name a John batiste song. I'm an institutionalist. But don't indict me, John. Don't try to indict me. First of.

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