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If you could see this, you would melt. I mean, just the softest for your weight. He's trying to open this box now and oh, just built with kittens. If only there was some way you could see this. Hmm. What a glaring oversight Get coverage for your bits with an auto policy from progressive risk If the insurance company millions coverage of captain not included in the purchase of collision coverage in his office policy German on the new podcast, the turning the sisters who left we take a deep look behind the walls of the religious order founded by Mother Teresa. Ending a culture of charity and prayer, suffering and forbidden love, abusive betrayal. If you feel God is asking you to do something, it doesn't matter how hard it is. If you make a lifelong vow, what does it mean to break it? I heart radio is number one for podcasts. But don't take our word for it. Find the turning The sisters who left on the I heart radio app or wherever you get your podcasts. Live if I local am 6 40 I heart radio station. Johnny Kensho, John Coble and Ken Champa can finance its 40 live everywhere in the I Heart radio absolutely, always say that when you think of something else, that's all I have. And sometimes that's it. I said, Go home. We'll just record that. Hey, way signed. It's your turn petition to recall L. A county district Attorney George Gascogne from office. They've been available since Friday when he'd been doing all weekend. Go to recall George gascogne dot com. It's easy. You have to download button and you print it off it..

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