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Then he's not going to happen. He's he's going out here so now you're at this point. Where and he may have wanted out of there anyway. Even with nolan auto. Who knows but this is where we are man. I'm not. I'm not defending dick mon- i never once have done that. Even at my deep thoughts from a wandering monica crap because people are like. You're just putting this positive spin on the nolan thing. You're trying to make nolan. The bad guy not making nolan. The bad guy he wanted out he wanted to get out and the rockies had no choice was that the best deal they could get was austin gohmert and other guys and then giving fifty million dollars. I don't know that my i want to believe that. That was the best they could get. That was literally the only way to offload nolan. Aaron nado in the pandemic because teams were hurting mark. Knutson told us you hear him on the newton corner throughout the day here on kfi. He told us there's no way team would take nolan's nola knows contract in this climate with what happened last year and all the money situation. Well there was a team that would take him but they require fifty million dollars. So i do think that that was the only way to do i really do. I mean i don't know that for sure but that seems to be like the only way nolan was pretty pretty focused on getting the hell out fourteen minutes after the hour. We're gonna talk football. Cody rourke pro. Football that work. We haven't had him on the show in a while. I know he's been busy. He's got a lot to talk. What's his board. look like. What are the broncos going to do at pick number nine..

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