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GONNA change you're GonNa continue either stand right thank you for that. Killa shooter is on the line line with us If you have any thoughts on this go ahead and dial in one eight hundred nine six two eight. Four eight is a number. We are talking about the construction of the thirty thirty meter telescope atop Monica and Does any of this relate to maybe even things that your community has faced construction -struction over what many people are standing insane is a sacred place Any thoughts one eight hundred nine nine six two eight four eight. Is the number coming up after the break DOC We'll hear from more folks more opinions on how they feel. This all should go. And what do you think when we get to a point where it is A split between understanding of what a certain space should be used for In this case there is a company that wants to build thirty meter telescope NOPE And the Kia he is. You've heard have taken a stand seeing the shouldn't happen Any thoughts one eight hundred nine six two eight four eight is a number you can go ask your questions to By calling in one eight hundred nine nine six two eight four eight is a number and if you're not able to call in you can also tweet your thoughts to us. Our twitter handle is at one eight hundred nine nine native and of course comments can always be left at native America Calling Dot Com a new center in Seattle is aimed at helping native Americans experiencing homelessness in addition to providing a place to stay organizers. Say The center offers culturally appropriate services will hear about some of the promises and challenges to addressing homelessness on the next native America calling.

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