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You know, he'll have to live with that for the rest of his life. I mean, whether he likes it or not. But, you know, he's going to want to go in there and show that he's still the knockout artist that he was before he lost back to back fights to Tyson Fury. So it wasn't an easy decision, as you said. And he contemplated retirement for sure. But I think he's got a lot of pride and he's going to want to come back and show that he can, you know, it's not like he's not making a lot of money for this right now. He's not making anywhere close to what he made for the Tyson in the last two Tyson Fury fights, but he's making a lot of money. Look, I can't see him getting in there. And doing it half assed in any way. So I think we'll see whatever is the best of what Deontay Wilder has left will see that on October 15th. And then he'll go from there because if he beats the hellenes, you and I have discussed that he'll probably wind up fighting Andy ruiza for Reese beats Luis Ortiz, which he is favored to do on September 4th. That's a natural fight to put on Fox pay per view. It's an in-house PBC fight. It's interesting for sure. It's two former heavyweight champions. You know, Andy Ruiz has always shown a good chin and he'll cause a lot of problems stylistically for Deontay Wilder as well. So that's a good fight. And that's a pay per view fight for PBC, certainly much more pay per view worthy than wilder heinous. I think that's the path that he would take from there because he's not going to be in position to fight the winner of Joshua usyk or anything like that. And of course, there's no reason for him to fight Tyson Fury a fourth time. We've already seen this three times and he's been beaten decisively twice. So yeah, so I think that's the natural course of what will happen. You will see how he looks against Alanis, assuming he wins, which he's favored to do. And Ruiz wins. I think we see that fight maybe sometime in spring, summer, next year. Yeah, I think we both agree. It's good to have Deontay a while they're back in the mix. Makes heavyweight boxing more interesting. It makes boxing in general more interesting. I want to look back Keith. I went back to last weekend where we had Teófimo López make his return to the ring, make his debut at a 140 pounds. He stops Pedro campa in the 7th round of that fight. Not unsurprising that that was the result, Pedro campa. Nice record, not a lot of power, certainly a bit of an unknown at a 140 pounds and Lopez coming off a long layoff coming off a disappointing performance, making his debut with junior welterweight. I certainly worked out some of the kinks in his game and eventually got to stoppage. What did you make of taffy and was performance against campa? I was a little surprised that went into the 7th round, honestly, but Campo was fighting very cautiously and everything. So, you know, he hadn't fought in a long time, which is 140 pound debut. All's well that ends well. He stopped him, he didn't have any difficulty against Pedro campus. So what it's about now for your fema Lopez more than anything is who can you get at a 140 pounds to fight him? Because he's still a big name, you know, yes, he has this loss on his record now, but he's going to be very motivated to prove himself in a 140 pound division. Top rank has a lot of maybe not a level 140 pounders, but they certainly have a lot of 140 pounders.

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