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Just dominated him. Like I said, I'm now that you don't have a whole lot of time but I wish that you would do like a highlight video of this game for interest and works. Pumps thinking about it. Yeah, I should have done this week for sure with Thursday's game coming up. But yeah, he he pancaked Bosa three times. I have never seen that happen before. I mean it's rare to get it painted can't you know, you're talking you're lucky to get one again leverage the guy next to you and he physically is matched. Yeah to you a pancake for an offensive lineman is the equivalent of an intersection or a sack on the defense because you're totally taken to clear out. Yeah. Yeah and their best pass-rushers like get out of here. Yeah. It was it was weird and but man both of them. Normally, what's up? What will happen is when you're getting dominated like that. They'll switch sides. Yeah, and Bosa will go up against David Smith, but now he was like man, I'm determined just got pissed off. I wanted to rest you shall he won't get it for another four years worse actually threw him one time. Yeah, he he was he was blocking him in the runner ran off and both of them went to go for the runners. So both of like grabbed him and just flunking and it boasts a flu like five great writers face man. He was just he was a small wage. Oh my god. Oh, he was great. And here's the thing. That's awesome about this. Is our running backs are not having to block at all. Oh thank God. Yeah, I think I saw a running back block one time. We could you know, when only went to do is they'll stay in there. See if anybody's coming through the line and then they'll go out for a checked out fast and they're constantly just like okay nobody's here and I'm going to go for a check down constantly. Like I said, I think I saw a running back half the block one time. It is it has some thank God because they were a huge liability last year. Yeah. So yeah, props to the offensive line. They are the outstanding unit of this week and Tristan War should get the game ball. Well, that bank is a question. Why were they black in last year? The running backs. Yeah, I mean did they do kind of a schematic change when they just decided this year that they're not going to have them do that know they're doing the same. It's the same stuff. Everything says exact same way. Yeah, why are they not blocking this year the because the offensive line isn't letting guys through if you've noticed even when I running games they kind of sit there and then if they don't have anybody to block you out for the check down, right, right, if there's nobody coming through the line, they'll pick a hole through. Okay go for it and a lot of times it's for blitzing, you know, if there's blitzer's coming in town, but you know, Tom Brady just gets the ball out so quick, you know, the running backs just don't have to do any block and it's great. It's awesome the On the other side of the ball. I really want to see our defensive line get more push. It's it's it's not Vita was getting some pressure. I saw him quite a few times getting near Herbert wage, but they're just not getting what I want to say. I mean, they're doing great. Don't get me wrong, especially in the run game again swamp more flashy, please I do I do but they're still doing this page dropping jpp and back Barrett back in the covers. They dropped them both back not necessarily both at the same time, but sometimes jpp sometimes embarrassed sometimes both of them eleven times. That was off of let me see it. Did it eleven times in 25 pass attempts? I tell me pass attempts herberg. Yeah. So almost half flick upwards of forty percent. You know what I'm just like, you know, I mean, I understand what type old is doing. I mean, he's bringing all kinds of pressure from different directions and all that good stuff, but yep. Our two best pass-rush. Yeah, you know, it just seems like but still we are tied for what third for sax. Let me see Bubba. What is Yes, third and sacks were we have 14 sacks? Wow. Yes. We're tied with the Washington. What are they called? Again? The football team football team the football team. Yes. I'm here are our numbers on defense. We are first in The rush yards-per-carry take a guess what we were allowing yards-per-carry. 2.9 + 2.7. That's awesome. Yes. So we're second in total yards allowed rushing 257 in four games. Just what that's crazy. It is crazy. First place is the Pittsburgh Steelers with a hundred sixty-two. So they're really shutting guys down off the longest rush. We have allowed so far you want to guess Trying to think who it was that we faced Kamara. Okay. I'm going to go with a 39-yard 514 yards the longest Rush. We've allowed this year. Yeah, so our run defense is ranked way up there. We're firm second. Now I've been hearing everybody been reading articles and they're talking about us blitzing. Like we are a huge blitzing team in more even listed as one of the most highest offer leasing teams in the league at 41.4% of the time that's wrong. That's wrong. We don't Blitz that much it looks like we Blitz that much but we moved so maybe guys have the stamp of the ball. Usually only for guys rush so tricky. Yeah, it looks like there's more guys rushing but there's usually only for guys rush and there's no way we're doing it 41.5% of town. I'm not keeping track of it in my spreadsheet. But I can guarantee you it's not I mean, it's like I said before T percent of the time we've got Shaq Barrett or j p p or somebody dropping back in coverage. How common is that? Because just watch the Bears and I saw clearly back there. It's it's more common throughout the league than it used to be for sure. Especially when you got these real athletic linebackers or defensive ends of that can drop back into cover. Yeah, but it's not that you know, I mean you have to have a very complex defense to do it most most most teams are still running, you know, you basic 4-3 or 3-4. We have a very probably the most complex defense in the league. I would say in way it's it's working for us. I mean, we're getting a tax. It's just that checked jpp are getting them. Yeah, and you know, we're getting interceptions, you know, we are tied for third in the league for most interceptions. Yeah, so our defense gilded our secondary surprisingly on the stat sheet isn't as good as far as yards from loud per pass and write, you know pass completion percentage worth seventy percent were allowing 70% did not realize that but a lot of it is because you know, we're letting it's a games. We're letting guys in March.

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