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The the biggest constitutional controversy of the i forty years was whether the constitution allowed a bank and we know that some of the people at the constitution had a plan to propose it but they were worried that they wouldn't have the votes and so they were worried that if they lost that vote they would there'd be inference against a bank and they said let's just fight it out once the constitution is ratified that is that is characteristic of much of the constitution then there's the notion of judicial review who decides finally what is or is not constitutional and wasn't that the direct result really of of just one supreme court chief justice just stepping up i i'd say i'd say not quite jim for this reason i think that the founders split over that they thought well why should a judge has the final say over what the constitution means but that was a a very serious question for the second generation of americans after the founders this is the eighteen twenties eighteen thirties and forties and one of the people in my book daniel webster was the chief protagonist over that particular fight who finally has the power to decide and he he was of the argued and i think correctly that has you have to have someplace that authoritatively and conclusively can tell us what the constitution means and that it has to be the supreme court otherwise every state could decide for itself what the constitution means and that's a recipe for chaos the the lives of the constitution ten exceptional minds that shaped america's supreme law we'll take a look at the ten some you have heard of such as as the aforementioned daniel webster others less so and still others you may hear in a new context it's an interesting look at just how we got where we are joseph kaczynski is our guest the wilson fellow in constitutional law at the claremont institute their website claremont dot org c l a r e m o n t dot org and this is published by counter books one eight six six five zero jimbo does the bunch of old dead slave owning white guys or a whole lot more back in a moment diabetes high blood pressure hang zaidi meds everyone's on them if you're a fifty year old male maybe a bit beefy and you may even have type two diabetes a million dollars of.

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